Syria's first lady smiles her way through hubby's bloody civil war

According to an Instagram account bearing her name, the British-born wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is enduring that country’s bloody civil war in good health, safety and nice clothes.


Asma al-Assad is shown there in legions of touching photos chatting with women, reading to children, watching her husband sign documents and comforting families reportedly freed recently from rebel-held territory. Each entry carries the hashtag #WeLoveYouAsma.

In one recent photo labeled #mothersday, Asma Assad was shown walking down a hall with three boys, all shown from behind obscuring their faces.

It seems likely that rather than being a genuine, hands-on personal account, hers is run by the regime seeking to present an alternate reality of normalcy to the ghastly photos of gassed children gasping for air that prompted President Trump to launch cruise missiles on one of Assad’s six air bases last week.

Assad said Thursday reports of Sarin gas being dropped on civilians and photos of dead and dying people of all ages were fabrications of the United States and West. In an interview on Russian TV last fall Mrs. Assad praised her husband as one who takes his role as a father “very, very seriously” and is a “very giving man.” Giving what, she did not say.

She said she has stood by him as an estimated half-million civilians have died and half the country has become refugees “because my conviction didn’t tell me otherwise.”


Asma Assad is a 41-year-old mother of three born to a Syrian cardiologist and diplomat mother originally from Homs. She grew up in London and was educated at King’s College, majoring in French literature and computer science.

She later worked as an economic analyst for Deutsche Bank and investment banker for J.P. Morgan in New York and London. She reportedly canceled plans to seek an MBA to marry Assad after he inherited his father’s dictator desk in 2000. One of the early sanctions President Obama levied on Syria for its human rights violations was to cancel Mrs. Assad’s credit cards.

After the U.S. missile attack Asma Assad posted:

The presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic affirms that what America has done is an irresponsible act that only reflects a short-sightedness, a narrow horizon, a political and military blindness to reality and a naive pursuit of a frenzied false propaganda campaign that fueled the regime’s arrogance.

Sure, that sounds just like your ordinary dictator’s wife.

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