Live blog on Day 2: It's Trump!


10:58pm Adjournment until Wednesday evening, when Gov. Mike Pence speaks. Still some aisle-dancing going on. But the hall empties quickly with many delegates having 60-mile or more bus rides back to hotels. There will be alcohol.


10:52 Sajid Tarar, founder of Muslims for Trump: “Let’s pray to get our country back.”

10:48pm Seats beginning to empty as the speakers speak on.

10:40pm Ben Carson: “It’s time for us to stand up and shout out what we believe in…We must resist the temptation to take the easy way out and to passively accept what is fed to us by the politically elite and the media…I’m proud to support Donald Trump, an extraordinary businessman, the right leader for a time such as this.”

10:06pm Donald Trump Jr. talked of his upbringing and how Trump had all of his children labor on work-sites under men and women who had come up the hard way. Trump Jr. said they were taught by people “with PhD’s in common sense.”

“For my father, impossible is just the starting point. That’s how he approaches business projects. That’s how he approaches life…His true gift as a leader is that he sees the potential in people that they don’t even see themselves.”

10:00pm Kerry Woolard, general manager of Trump Winery: “You often see Donald Trump talk. But what you don’t see is when he listens…Because of him I now think bigger and in ways I never would have thought possible.”

9:52pm Finally, Twitter’s Holly A. Swanson gets her wish: The parade of Trump children starts with new college graduate Tiffany Trump: “Whatever my father does he gives his all. And does it well. His desire for excellence is contagious. He possesses a unique gift in bringing that out in others…Donald Trump has never done anything halfway.”


9:44pm Chris Christie wrote his entire speech Monday night until about 2:30a.m. In it the former federal prosecutor tore into Clinton with a detailed prosecution of her character and her policies in Libya, Nigeria, China, Syria, Iran Russia, each time asking the crowd Guilty? Or Not Guilty? You might not be surprised to learn the crowd pronounced her guilty every time. “She fights for the wrong people. She never fights for us.” (Crowd chants “Lock her up!”)

And on her private, unsecured email server: “Hillary Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she cared about protecting American secrets. And then she lied about it over and over and over.”

9:22pm Ryan returns: “The next time there’s a State of the Union Address, I don’t know where Joe Biden or Barack Obama are going to be. But you’ll find me right there on the rostrum with Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump…Democracy is a series of choices. We Republicans have made our choice.

“Have we had our arguments this year? Sure we have. You know what I call those? Signs of life. Signs of a party that’s not just going through the motions, mouthing new words about the same old stuff. Meanwhile, what choice has the other party made in this incredible year filled with so many surprises?…What is the Democratic Party’s idea of a clean break? They are offering a third Obama term brought to you by another Clinton. And you’re supposed to be excited about that?”


9:18:pm Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “Not since Baghdad Bob has there been a public figure with such a tortured relationship with the truth. Fortunately, there’s a clear choice before us — and it’s not Hillary.”

9:14pm The nominee himself appears on the video screen to thank everyone for receiving his wife Melania’s speech so well last night and for nominating him officially tonight: “Together we have achieved historic results. With the largest vote totals in the history of the Republican Party. This is a movement. But we have to go all the way.”

9:09pm Chris Cox, NRA Political Victory Fund chairman: “You have to be able to protect yourself. And that’s what the Second Amendment is all about…What’s so outrageous is that for the rest of her life Hillary Clinton will never even think about dialing 911. For the past 30 years she hasn’t taken a walk or a nap or a bathroom break without a good guy with a gun there to protect her.”

9:00pm The mystery speaker Andy Wist appears and finally identifies himself. He owns a family waterproofing business in New York. “Donald Trump is a builder, a leader,” he says. “The only way we can keep the American dream alive is by electiong Donald Trump president.”


8:48pm Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is speaking about his friend Donald Trump, who helped get his business started but has no financial interest in it. “I’ve been in the fighting business all my life,” said White. “I know fighters. And Donald Trump is a fighter.”

8:44pm Life on the floor of a convention doesn’t really show well on TV. Yes, sure, you can see the podium sort of. It’s better on the Jumbotron, much as you see it at home. During the music and even some of the speeches, people chatter, share stories, take selfies. In many ways it’s a night-long party, four nights in a row.

8:30pm Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is nominated for vice president by acclamation vote.

8:20pm Ryan announces final delegate vote tally: Trump 1,725, Cruz 475, John Kasich 120, Marco Rubio 114, Ben Carson 7, Jeb Bush 3, Rand Paul 2.

8:02pm Mathematical tally for now: Trump 1,725. Others 744. Alaska requests a time-consuming official poll of its delegation, as precious prime-time TV minutes slip away from delivering this evening’s jobs message.

7:14pm  New York delegate Donald J. Trump Jr. makes it official. The other Donald J. Trump is the 41st nominee of the party of Abraham Lincoln for president of the United States. Trump 1,267. Others. 476. Floor celebration.


7:03pm New York passes, so it can put Trump over the top shortly.

6:59pm  Trump passes 1,000 votes, now has 1,048 of the 1,237 necessary. Others have 330.

6:42pm Iowa, where Ted Cruz won the caucuses, casts all 30 votes for Trump. His total now 718, Others 168.

6:32pm Pursuant to the Rules of Showing Off on National TV, delegations still take too many moments to plug their state’s achievements and silly things. Florida boasts it gave Lebron James his first two NBA championships. (But look where he and the NBA Championship Trophy reside now!) Florida also gives Trump all 99 votes. Trump 494, Others 60.

6:28pm  Oops. Colorado votes 37 for Cruz, 4 Trump, 2 abstentions. Boos. Connecticut 28 for Trump, who now has 360.

6:25pm Through California, Trump has 328 votes of the 1,237 necessary. Others have 29, mainly Ted Cruz.

6:16pm Get your little people in the room to practice their alphabet. The Roll Call of the States has begun.

6:12pm South Carolina Lieut. Gov. Henry McMaster has had enough too. But he’s really impressed with crowds’ affection for Trump and his loyal response. “We are going to make America great again with Donald Trump!”

6:05pm Rep. Chris Collins: “Enough is enough. It’s time to take back our country, the United States of America.”

6:00pm Sessions continues, “Donald Trump is the singular leader who can get America back on track.” “Donald Trump has a wonderful family he loves intensely. In personal relations he is unfailingly courteous. And he’s positive by nature with tremendous energy and strength. A warrior and a winner.”


Ryan: “We’re off to a great start!”

5:51pm Here we go. House Speaker Paul Ryan bounces on stage to read rules and remind nominating speakers they have 15 minutes. First up: Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. “We have gotten off course. And the American people know it.”

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