Trump hotel vandalized by BLM supporter

The new Trump International Hotel in Washington DC was vandalized this weekend y supporters aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement.


And it sure looks like DC Metropolitan police have a lot to go on.


A video of the actual vandalism was posted on Twitter by user “AngryBlkManDC.”

The helpful “Angry Black Man” even posted a follow-up picture so everyone could be angry, not just him.

The video appears to show the man in the act and there are clearly multiple security cameras at the hotel and on Pennsylvania Avenue (this is merely a stones-throw from the Treasury Department and the White House) and the vandal didn’t even attempt to hide his identity.

Furthermore, the vandal signed his name! Or his professional moniker. Either way, “Van” broke the law, defaced an historic building (owned by the DC government, not Trump) and he should e arrested.

So, given this evidence, we should expect an arrest from the DC police department post haste, right?

Yeah, right.


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