Dems' latest spin on Hillary's email lies: She operates 'at a really high level'

Oh this is precious.

Earlier today on MSNBC former State Department spokesperson Nayyera Haq was confronted with the obvious lies that Hillary Clinton told to the American people and (most disconcerting for the presidential hopeful’s campaign) while under oath while testifying before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.


When asked to explain Secretary Clinton’s inconsistencies with the truth lies, Haq gave the most entertaining spin on the whole email affair to date:

“I take that supposed inconsistency to be somebody who has been operating at a really high level and now has to be forced to remember things from two or three years ago.”

Wow.  It’s true, the problem with lying is that you have to continue lying and you have to remember what all your lies have been so you can keep your lies straight. Now, it isn’t usually difficult to remember the truth two or three years later. But, when you have been lying back and forth to the American people and to a congressional committee and then the FBI reveals the truth, it’s truly hard to keep your story straight.

Later this morning on MSNBC (what the heck is going on over at MSNBC?) Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) was shown a similar video replay of Clinton’s lies and FBI Director James Comey’s contradictory testimony and his spin was almost as delightful.

Cartwright took great pains to explain to anchor Stephanie Ruhle that “only three” of Clinton’s emails had classified markings on them. “Only three.”


“Only three isn’t zero. You either did it, or you didn’t do it,” Ruhle rightly responded.

So, here’s the deal. It’s no longer about whether Hillary Clinton lied to the American people or not. She did. Now every Democrat who is supporting her (which is all of them) needs to be pressed on this issue and asked to respond to the lies. It’s very simple. At the beginning of every interview, journalists should ask the Democrat “Do you believe Hillary Clinton lied to the American people?” and then they can just run the video.

We keep hearing that Republicans have “down ticket” problems with Trump as the GOP nominee.  Well, how does it feel down ticket from Hillary?


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