Dem Reps: You bet 'sit-in' was a fund-raising publicity stunt

The mainstream media and Democrats in the House of Representatives screamed bloody murder when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called their temper tantrum sit-in protest designed to infringe on the 2nd amendment right to bear arms a “publicity stunt.”


He also lambasted them for raising money on the deaths of innocent victims of the “gun violence” they pretend to care so much about:

Democrats were outraged at the charges.

And then, this happened:  (transcript via RCP)

REP. BRAD SHERMAN: If Speaker Ryan doesn’t want the Democratic committee to be politicking on this issue, he has to schedule a vote [on increased gun control measures]…

The way to cut this process short and to return to regular order is to vote–

CNN HOST: My entire panel is perplexed by this.

CNN PANELIST: Congressman. You just said it was politicking. Congressman Sherman?

SHERMAN: I don’t find that to be a dirty word, I think the effort of mobilizing the American people to demand a vote on this issue — in most countries that is called politicking. Only in the U.S. do people attribute that to be something negative.

That’s right. Sherman admits that the sit-in and fundraising efforts was just good old fashioned “politicking” and he doesn’t find it to be a dirty word.

Well, it may not qualify for George Carlin’s seven dirty words but in the context of fundraising and publicity whoring on the graves of dead innocent Americans we’ll let you be the judge:


Meanwhile, check out this exchange from CNN yesterday. Rep. Robin Kelly (D- ) was interviewed by Brooke Baldwin about the “success” of the Dems sit-in. Kelly called the protest a huge success: (emphasis mine)

BALDWIN: How was it a win since you all didn’t get the vote you wanted?

KELLY: That’s true that they didn’t call the vote. I don’t know that we really expected them to call the vote yesterday or this morning.

But we got the attention of the public. And we felt like it is a win because we got the opportunity to speak for what the majority of the American people want.

BALDWIN: Speaker Ryan said it was a publicity stunt…

Congresswoman Kelly, your response?

KELLY: Well, it is almost laughable. And for Speaker Ryan to say it was a publicity stunt, that’s ridiculous and it’s quite insulting, actually.

So, let’s just try to square this circle, shall we? According to the brilliant, analystical mind of Rep. Kelly, the sit-in was a great win for the Democrats because they “got the attention of the American people.” But, to call the sit-in a “publicity stunt” is “laughable” and “insulting.”


Uh huh.

Last I checked, the purpose of a publicity stunt is to get people’s attention. And, last I checked, when you do something for the sole purpose of getting people’s attention, you’re engaged in a publicity stunt.

So how exactly can you deem your efforts a success and a “win” because you got peoples’ attention and then be insulted when your actions are described accurately? Too bad Brooke Baldwin didn’t ask Rep. Kelly exactly that question?


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