VIDEO: Trailer for Ron Howard's Beatles documentary will have you hungry for more

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Time for a mental health break, and we’ve got the perfect solution. You’re going to want to watch this trailer of Ron Howard’s new documentary on The Beatles with never before seen backstage footage of their concert years.

Deadline Hollywood got the first exclusive look from Imagine Entertainment and although the release date isn’t set until September, this small taste should leave you hungry for more.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film is going to have a unique release strategy, including Hulu, the online streaming service.

On Monday, the producers of The Beatles: Eight Days a Week — The Touring Years announced the film will debut Sept. 17 on Hulu, one day after it rolls out in select U.S. theaters. Hulu scooped up exclusive U.S. streaming rights to the authorized doc in May, launching the streamer’s new original documentary division.

This is the Oscar-winning director’s second documentary film following Made In America, which focused on Jay-Z and hip-hop music. The official name of the new film is The Beatles: Eight Days A Week, The Touring Years and from the looks of the trailer, the subject matter will deal with the period in time when the Beatles performed to sell out baseball stadiums around the world before abruptly ending all live performances (until that day they jammed on a rooftop together, of course).

From the looks of the trailer, there are exclusive interviews with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the last remaining Beatles, as well as really cool backstage footage of the Fab Four during their early concert years.  What I really love about the footage of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, is the vintage quality of the color film. It’s that almost pastel, almost not quite real, saturated color quality that Mad Men came so close to recreating. You see it and it immediately evokes the early sixties era. And since the most famous filmed footage of the Beatles from that time is their live appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, this footage is an extra special treat.

Seeing them interact during the rise of Beatlemania is truly amazing when you realize how big things were about to get for these four men in their twenties.

John Lennon once explained that one of the biggest reasons why they stopped playing concerts was because the screams of their fans were so loud, they literally couldn’t hear each other on stage. It makes you wonder. Considering The Rolling Stones were the fourth top grossing rock tour of 2015 according to Forbes, and the fact that technological advances with in-ear audio monitors make the challenge of hearing your fellow band members completely surmountable, imagine what a Beatles 2016 world tour would look like had Lennon and George Harrison lived.

Oh well. We can only wonder and watch this trailer three or four times, like I did, and count the days until September 17 when we get to see the finished product.

There, isn’t that better? Now… Back to those Hillary Emails…


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