5 undeniable truths connected to Hillary's plan to put Bill in charge of the economy

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton said she’d put her husband, former President Bill Clinton, “in charge of revitalizing the economy.”  My colleague Jazz has already scrutinized this revelation earlier today, but I want to expand on a couple of logical conclusions one must draw with this remarkable announcement:


1.  Hillary’s conceding that Obama’s disastrous economy needs “revitalizing”

Lost in all the breathlessly fawning coverage of the mere hint that Bubba might be back and calling the shots for the American economy is Hillary’s embarrassing indictment of the current state of the economy under President Obama.


Think about it: If Obama has been such a terrific president and he saved our nation from the brink of disaster (as Bill Clinton himself maintained in his long-winded speech at the DNC in 2012,) then why does our economy need “revitalizing” in the first place? Aren’t we on the right track? Don’t we need another Democrat in the White House to merely keep us on the same course Obama/Biden have set us on?

Far from running on “four more years” she’s running on the notion that we need to do something about Obama’s failures at the helm.  She isn’t running for the third Obama term, she’s running for a repeat of her husband’s first term.

Bill and Chelsea have hinted at major problems with the economy and Obamacare in the past, but this is the first overt concession that our economy is in need of “revitalizing” that has come directly from the candidate, if anyone in the mainstream media is interested in pointing it out.

2.  Bill Clinton will be given enormous power and responsibility without being vetted or confirmed

It’s one thing for a first spouse to take up childhood obesity or early childhood reading as a cause. It’s pushing it when that pet cause finds its way into major legislation that changes policies in every public school at lunch time (thanks, Michelle.) It’s a whole other matter when the American economy is handed off to an un-elected individual with no accountability to the American people and no constitutional role that would fall under Congressional oversight.



That’s what we’ll have with “Economy Czar” Bill Clinton. He won’t be vetted. He won’t face Senate confirmation. And he’ll operate outside the normal scrutiny of a cabinet official.

It was a problem it when Clinton himself put his spouse, Hillary, in charge of the nation’s health care in the 90s. Thankfully, she was soundly defeated in a humiliating setback for the President, but let’s not forget that Congressmen at the time bent over backwards to act congenially and respectfully to Hillary even though they vehemently disagreed with her foolish proposals. Why? Because she was the President’s spouse. Traditionally they receive deference and congeniality solely because they fill that ceremonial role.

Will it be assumed that a former president and now, first spouse will receive the same level of carte blanche when he pushes his economic agenda on a nation that did not elect him?

3.  Bill’s past (and current) “naughty” behavior is fair game

It’s one thing for Bill Clinton to be portrayed in the media as a roguish cad if the entirety of his life in the Hillary White House would be that of First Spouse fulfilling the ceremonial roles Americans have grown accustomed to over the years of witnessing the classy and capable women who’ve filled that role up to this point.


Americans accept the knowledge that Bill’s spent the last decades living his own, separate life full of parties with rock stars, prostitutes and “energizer bunnies.” And as long he stays away from the levers of power, Americans would probably reluctantly accept him and his recklessness as a harmless punchline for the next four years.


But, if he’s to be in charge of our nation’s economy, that makes all of his past “naughty” behavior worthy of intense scrutiny. Someone with a past like Clinton’s is subject to blackmail and scandal. He’d never pass the standard vetting process for a White House position. The likelihood of him repeating his “John Edwards-like” behavior is quite likely. It’s one thing for the nation to endure a scandal involving the powerless husband of our first female president. It’s another if the philanderer is placed at the highest level of that president’s economic team.

4.  Hillary’s admitting that she needs her husband’s help

Her followers may be “Ready for Hillary,” but clearly Hillary’s not ready for the gig.

hillary clinton

To announce nearly six months before election day that her husband will be a key player in revitalizing the economy is an admission that she can’t handle one of the most critical aspects of the job she’s campaigning for. Can you imagine any other candidate declaring that their spouse will be handling key diplomatic responsibilities, or will be in charge of national security concerns on behalf of the new President?  Of course not.

Donald Trump is running on economic issues and Hillary is already conceding that she can’t handle that part of her job without her husband’s help. What an incredible concession.

5.  Every single corporate relationship the Clinton’s got rich from deserve extra scrutiny from the media


As detailed in Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, and the equally well-researched and outrageous Clinton Inc. by Daniel Harper, the Clinton’s have gotten rich over the past several decades not from creating anything or from producing anything. Not from investments or from inheritance, nor from winning the lottery.  No, the Clinton’s have acquired their wealth merely from being the Clinton’s and trading on their celebrity and influence with rich and powerful entities who, for their own purposes, have funneled money to the Clinton’s charitable foundations.


Every single relationship and transaction the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative must now be publicly scrutinized and vetted before Mr. Clinton is allowed anywhere near the levers of power controlling the American economy. The man has personally benefited from  the largess of individuals, corporations and nations all wishing to do business with the United States. And now his wife, the would-be president announces he’ll be “in charge of revitalizing the economy”??

Any hunch that maybe that revitalization effort could involve “stimulus spending” that could find its way to some of those individuals, corporations or nations? One must only look at his past behavior heading up the non-profits that bear his name and the question answers itself.

With this one throw-away line, Hillary Clinton has opened the door to criticism of her own abilities, her predecessor’s failures, her husbands ethics, not to mention enormous flaws in their “co-presidency” scheme. And the media thinks Trump had a rough weekend because he was accused of pretending to be a publicist?



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Tom Jackson 6:01 PM on October 04, 2023