Is a Clinton/Warren ticket a 'Dream Team' for Democrats or Republicans

The Hill has an article this morning suggesting that if Hillary Clinton chooses Den. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a running mate, Democrats would be positively over the moon with joy:


Amid concerns that supporters of Bernie Sanders will choose to stay home on Election Day, a number of Democrats see a Clinton-Warren alliance as an all-woman dream team that could ignite deep enthusiasm in the progressive base and make the 2016 Democratic presidential ticket truly historic.

It would also eliminate the pro-Wall Street storyline that has haunted Clinton’s campaign throughout the primary season, Clinton allies believe.

Of course, Warren has yet to endorse Clinton for the Oval Office, but let’s forget about that minor detail for know. Let’s examine the premise. Who would be happier with a Clinton/Warren ticket, the Democrats, as The Hill suggests, or Republicans?

According to FiveThirtyEight, Elizabeth Warren would be the most liberal candidate on a national ticket since George McGovern in 1972. They did their analysis in 2014 when there was speculation that the Massachusetts senator could make a run for the White House, but the data still work if she were to run for Veep:

If Warren were to win the Democratic nomination, she’d rank as the second-most liberal nominee who served in the Senate or House. Her voting record has been to the left of Walter Mondale’s; only the famously liberal George McGovern had a more leftward-leaning legislative record. By contrast, the past three Democrats to represent the party on the presidential ticket were all near the center of the Democratic Senate caucus, while Warren has the fifth-most liberal voting record in the Senate today.


Indeed, her anti-Wall Street, pro-big government, “You didn’t build that” ideology makes Bernie Sanders looks like, well, Hillary Clinton.

Trump, for his part, has already taken aim at Sanders and the prospect of Warren being on the ticket:

Is it a sign of desperation for the Democrats to present an all-woman ticket? Or is it a sign that they are so confident that they will defeat Trump due to his low numbers with women and they want to cement their socialist agenda with the likes of Warren and her radical ideology?

Or, would a Warren VP pick end up being a complete blunder as her left-wing positions will prevent Clinton from running as a “safe centrist” and the reasonable choice over Trump?

If Republicans truly believe the country is fundamentally center-right, they should welcome the Democrat’s “Dream Team.”


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