MSM claim: Christie's wife rolls eyes behind Trump during speech

CNN and the New York Times really want America to believe Mary Pat Christie hates Donald Trump.

At Tuesday night’s victory speech, the first lady of New Jersey was positioned alongside her husband directly behind the New York billionaire. At one point, Trump said of Hillary Clinton, “The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card. And the beautiful thing is women don’t like her, OK?”


At that moment, Mrs. Christie shifts her gaze. Now, this was not the first time she shifted her gaze. After all, it’s kind of an awkward situation, having to stand behind a politician while they’re giving a victory speech, isn’t it? I mean, where do you look? If you just stare at the back of his head, you look kind of weird. If you look into the crowd, it looks like you’re not paying attention.

But, at this moment, minions in the Mainstream Media were absolutely confident that Christie’s shift of gaze was in fact, an “eye roll.”

“Mary Pat kind of looked over at her husband. She winced or rolled her eyes,” CNN analyst Gloria Borger breathlessly told Anderson Cooper. “The thing about Donald Trump is that he doubles down on everything. He doesn’t apologize. He doubles down and what he was doing tonight not only was gratuitously taking a slap at Hillary Clinton as a woman but also stirring the pot.”

And we were off to the races.

“Eye roll-gate” took off on social media:


CNN claimed Mrs. Christie was “throwing shade” at Trump.

The New York Times claimed she “seemed to roll her eyes.

Later in the evening, some cooler heads started to call the media on the ridiculous leap they were making:

It took USA Today to be the first mainstream outlet to question the meme:

Was it an eye roll? Was it the side eye? Was she just tired of standing there so long? The world may never know, but talking heads on CNN agreed that Twitter might have been reading a bit too much into Christie’s expressions. It wasn’t necessarily a side eye at Trump, much less an eye roll, they said. And she could had anything on her mind when she made that face.

It’s obvious that no one really knows what was going on in Mrs. Christie’s mind. Just like no one knows what was going on in her husband’s mind when he was standing behind Trump during a victory speech and everyone went crazy last March.




But that didn’t stop media outlets from running with their speculation as if it were fact.

You tell us, do you think Mrs. Christie is “rolling her eyes” or “throwing shade” or do you think maybe the media has a permanent bias and a vested interest in drawing a wedge between women voters and a presumptive Trump candidacy?

The question kind of answers itself, doesn’t it?


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