Virginia Governor hands pal Hillary a 200K vote gift; ex-felons given right to vote

Virginia Governor and long-time Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe just delivered about 200,000 ex-felons an expedited path to full voting rights just in time for the November presidential election.

The Washington Post has background on McAuliffe’s gift to his long-time friend, Hillary Clinton:

But many Republicans viewed McAuliffe’s action as a blatant favor to his longtime friend Hillary Clinton, for whom he and his wife recently raised $2 million at their McLean home.

“It is hard to describe how transparent the Governor’s motives are,” House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) said in a statement. “The singular purpose of Terry McAuliffe’s governorship is to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States.  This office has always been a stepping stone to a job in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet.

Republicans were particularly outraged that the policy doesn’t take into account the violence of the crime, whether the person committed serial crimes, whether they’ve committed crimes since completing their sentence or whether they’ve paid their victims back for medical bills.

“Murder victims don’t get to sit on juries but now the man that killed them will,” said Del. Robert B. Bell (R-Albemarle), who running for attorney general. “A murder victim won’t get to vote, but the man that killed them will. You will have child pornographers, human traffickers, robbers, rapists, murderers eligible to sit on juries and hear criminal cases of people who commit similar crimes.”

Indeed, the candidate (and the potential felon) tweeted out a quick reaction to the Governor’s move (note the emphasis on her personal relationship with her fundraising buddy):

This could have huge ramifications for the run for the White House. You don’t have to read Ed Morrissey’s Going Red, (although you certainly should) to recognize that Virgnia will be the battleground of all battleground states come November. 200,000 new voters ain’t nothin’.

There are so many obvious reasons to conclude that Clinton will lock-up (heh) the felon vote. As a presidential candidate running for office with the shadow of an FBI investigation hanging over her, she can certainly relate to the life of a hardened felon who may constantly be looking over their shoulder as they try to walk the straight and narrow. But, beyond that, the Free Beacon reminds us that she worked tirelessly to get a child rapist off the hook when she was a lawyer in Arkansas.

Yes, Hillary is a shoe-in for the felon vote. But here’s hoping the GOP candidate can start mobilizing now in the critical Commonwealth of Virginia to try to gain a foothold in the “victims of violent crime” and “citizens who obey the law whose vote will be cancelled out by a felon due to a cynical and manipulative move by a slick Clinton crony” constituencies.

Surely a case can be made, right?