What should Washington DC's new license plate slogan be?

The District of Columbia has had the phrase “Taxation Without Representation” stamped on their license plates for 16 years. It was intended to be an “in your face” shaming protest to lawmakers who come to DC to represent their states or congressional districts while the residents of the nation’s capital don’t enjoy the right to a voting representative in the House of Representatives.


Sixteen years later, the Washington Post reports that DC council members have recognized the license plate protest has “proven to be ineffective.”

So what’s their new plan? They’re going to double down on their ineffectiveness:

“We need a call to action, not a status quo,” said D.C. Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6).

His solution? A verb: “End Taxation Without Representation,” said Allen, introducing a bill Tuesday to make the new slogan law. Allen said that by adding the three-letter word, the new slogan could “reflect a rallying cry for equality” for the District, and dovetail with D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s new push to make D.C. a state.

Ten of the council’s 13 members joined in co-introducing Allen’s legislation, and a 11th member signed on as a co-sponsor, all but assuring the measure will pass the council and go to Bowser for her signature.

That’ll do the trick.

Personally, I think they should just modify the current slogan to better reflect what actually happens in this town. How about: “Taxation without competent representation”


Or, if they really want to boil this town down to its essence, how about simply: “TAXATION”

I asked my listening audience on WMAL in Washington DC if they could suggest a more appropriate slogan for the nation’s capital and their responses were fabulous:






Now, these are all pretty good, but I’ve got to think the wit and wisdom of Hot Air readers could add to this conversation.

What do you think the new license plate slogan for Washington DC should be?  I’m pretty sure you can sum up the essence of the nation’s capital with a pithy, descriptive phrase. Add you suggestion it to the comments below and I’ll be sure the DC council hears your voice.

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