Report: 3 government officials to be charged in Flint water crisis

The Associated Press is reporting that Michigan’s Attorney General is expected to bring criminal charges against three government officials connected to the Flint water crisis Wednesday:

The charges — the first levied in a probe that is expected to broaden — will be filed against a pair of state Department of Environmental Quality officials and a local water treatment plant supervisor, two officials told The Associated Press late Tuesday. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

The felony and misdemeanor charges include violating Michigan’s drinking water law, official misconduct, destruction of utility property and evidence tampering, according to one official.

The failure of Flint city officials, the EPA and state regulators to properly oversee the lead levels in the city’s drinking water has become an election-year political hot potato with Democrats pointing the finger of blame at Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

However, as Michigan’s Bridge magazine has detailed in a comprehensive timeline of events leading to the crisis, assigning blame to the actual culprits in this debacle is a little more complicated than merely focusing on the first Republican in the chain of command.

It will be interesting to discover the political affiliation of the bureaucrats marched out in a perp walk today, but even if all three are Democrats, it won’t stop party officials from calling for Snyder’s resignation.


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