Feel-Good Friday: A Christmas Movie About the Kansas City Chiefs

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Kansas City is feeling the purple and red. The city is celebrating the news that the Kansas City Chiefs will be the center of a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. 


On Tuesday night, the city's skyline turned purple and red - the signature colors of Hallmark (purple) and the Chiefs (red). Chiefs Kingdom is pretty darn excited about a new Christmas movie: Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs love story.”

Will Taylor Swift make an appearance? Fans are excited. 

“Big Chiefs fan, love the Chiefs, let’s talk about it,” Breanne Lopez said.

“Huge Chiefs fan, season ticket holder of course,” Eddie Russell said.

It’s a Chiefs love story, but not exactly the one you’re thinking of.

“I know the women in my life love to watch Taylor Swift,” Russell said.

The answer is no, Taylor Swift will not be in the movie. Her boyfriend,  Travis Kelce, won't be in it either. 

It's a Hallmark Christmas movie, not a documentary on the team. The Hallmark Channel is known for its abundance of Christmas movies. Not only do Christmas movies take over the channel's schedule after Thanksgiving and go through New Year's Day but there is also Christmas in July. The channel runs Christmas movies during the month of July.

Kansas City, Missouri is the corporate headquarters for Hallmark. The movie will be filmed in Kansas City and at Arrowhead Stadium. 


The movie is about a woman who wants to get her family to win a Fan of the Year contest. The director of fan engagement makes the decision. 

Tuesday, Hallmark Media, NFL, Skydance Sports and the Kansas City Chiefs are teaming up for the production which begins next month.

In a statement, Hallmark’s Chief Brand Officer Darren Abbott said in the park “With Hallmark and the Kansas City Chiefs both homegrown, rooted in values, tradition, and community, there is a special alchemy between these two iconic organizations.”

Chiefs President Mark Donovan said in the release “This partnership unites two passionate fanbases and gives us an opportunity to show Chiefs Kingdom’s energy and tradition on one of the most-watched channels during the holiday season.”

Is the movie a rip-off of the Kelce-Swift romance? 

The made-for-TV movie is not a total ripoff of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's romance, which dominated tabloid headlines, late-night talk shows, and much of the NFL season coverage in late 2023 and early 2024. The Chiefs, with Swift in attendance, won Super Bowl LVIII in February, repeating as champions. Thanks to a great game (late) - and those Trayvis stans - the 2024 Super Bowl was the most-watched TV program since the 1969 moon landing. "Holiday Touchdown" probably won't amass 123.4 million viewers.

In the Hallmark Channel version, Alana Higman (Hunter King) is sure that her family's lifelong history as Kansas City Chiefs super fans makes them a shoe-in to win the team's "Fan of the Year" contest. Derrick (Tyler Hynes), the team's director of Fan Engagement, is tasked with evaluating how Alana and her family stack up against the other two finalists.


I watch Hallmark movies on weekends while tuning out the world. The movies have a formula and there is always a happy ending. It's predictable and that can be comforting. 

Christmas movies are popular. We'll see how this one does with viewers. 

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