Seven Years Too Late: Snopes Admits Trump did not Call Neo-Nazis 'Very Fine People"

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President Biden said that he had to run for president in 2020 because former President Donald Trump was the devil incarnate. Not in those exact words but his reasoning was along those lines. 


Joe Biden began running for president in 1988. His first campaign was short-lived because he's a plagiarizer. He got caught and dropped out of the Democrat primary. He tried to run again in 2008 but a young articulate and clean (his words, not mine) black senator named Barack Obama captured the nation's imagination. Obama chose Biden as his running mate to provide some heft to the ticket (I know.) Biden's son, Beau, died in 2015 and Obama convinced Biden he should not run for president in 2016, but take time to spend with his family as they all grieved Beau's death. 

Then 2020 rolled around and Biden saw another opportunity. His dream of being president was still alive. Why would Biden come out of political retirement and run for president? To save democracy. 

Biden and other Democrats were using a false narrative against Donald Trump at that time. It was a phony story that began in 2017. After a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Trump's press conference remarks were falsely described as calling neo-Nazis "very fine people." Anyone who listened to his remarks knew that didn't happen as press reports and Democrats said. 

Republicans knew it all along but the ugly claim followed Trump through the 2020 campaign. Biden put on his most indignant attitude and said Trump's remark was the final straw. He had to run. 

It was all malarkey. Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media are skilled in seizing on a talking point and repeating it every day, over and over again. And, that is what they did with the neo-Nazi remark. 


Suddenly on Sunday, the story broke that Snopes, a lefty fact checker, admitted that the accusation against Trump was garbage. It took them seven years to do that. It's only five months out from election day and now the organization is trying to interfere in the election. At least, that is what it looks like to me.  

This bombshell is what October surprises are made of during presidential campaigns. This is a huge blow to Old Yeller. 

"While Trump did say that there were ‘very fine people on both sides,’ he also specifically noted that he was not talking about neo-Nazis and White supremacists and said they should be 'condemned totally.' Therefore, we have rated this claim 'False,'" Snopes wrote.

Let's recall what Biden said when he entered the race in 2020.

When Biden released his 2020 campaign announcement video, the first words he said in it were "Charlottesville, Virginia."

"The president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it," Biden claimed in the video. "And in that moment, I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I’d ever seen in my lifetime."

Why is Snopes finally owning up to its rating of the statement now? Maybe someone who wants Biden to drop out of the race got them to come clean. Who knows? Just remember that there are no coincidences in politics. 

We are just days out from the first presidential debate. I'm smiling thinking about how those around Biden - who is taking a week off for debate prep at Camp David - are scrambling as they try to tell him how to handle this. 


I hope Team Trump is encouraging him to ask Biden about this bombshell from Snopes. An attack from the left! Biden is a serial liar. There are plenty of whoppers to ask about. Trump should start the debate by asking Biden about some particularly big lies and stand back as Biden struggles to explain anything. He has difficulty stringing sentences together, especially when he is off teleprompter, which he will be. Let Biden lose his temper. He said he would bring dignity and decorum back to the White House, yet he was the first to tell Trump, the president at the time, to shut up during a debate. And, he called him a clown. 

Technically speaking, Biden is not the official nominee. The convention has not happened yet and won't until August. Democrats are in panic mode, which is dangerous for Biden. Who knows what they will think of to try to get Biden to step aside? It's unlikely, but it's possible.  

There are no coincidences. It's seven years later and five months out from election day. This is a big embarrassment for Team Biden, or at least it should be. I'm not sure they are capable of being embarrassed. It does show that everything about Joe Biden is a lie. But we've known that all along. 

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