Unhinged Rachel Maddow Shocks 'The View' Hosts

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was a guest on The View Tuesday. She was a little extra unhinged and it shocked the ladies around the table.

That is saying something. Unhinged is the brand of the women on the show. Maddow is well-known for her hatred of former President Trump. She ended up confirming what we already knew - Democrats pinned their hopes on defeating Trump in November by using lawfare against him. 

The talk turned to the Supreme Court, specifically Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Maddow went so far as to call on Chief Justice John Roberts to "save the legal system." 

Thomas and Alito are under attack from the authoritarian left, like Maddow, because they want to pack the Supreme Court by expanding it and packing it with progressive justices like Biden's choice, Ketanji Brown Jackson. 

Justice Thomas is criticized for his friendship with Harlan Crow, a very wealthy businessman. Crow has given Thomas some gifts over the years and leftists are accusing him of being corrupted by Crow, and of violating ethics rules. It's all nonsense. 

Thomas didn't declare some of the gifts, including vacations, because it was not required of him. Thomas has not violated any ethics rules and no action against him has been taken. 

Justice Alito is under fire because his wife likes to put up flags on their property. She uses long-accepted versions of American flags and the ignorant left loses its mind. She is not a justice, she is not a public figure. She is married to Alito and that is good enough for the far-left. They are using her to get to him. 

Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media weren't worried about Supreme Court justices and ethics when Ruth Bader-Ginsburg racked up trips around the world thanks to private individuals and other entities. She took more trips than any other justice in 2018, 14 in total. One generous billionaire, Morris Kahn, paid for her trip to Tel Aviv where she received a lifetime achievement award. Kahn paid for her transportation, lodging, and food. His companies had business before the Supreme Court. One company won in November 2017 when the Court declined to take up a patent-related case.  

Financial disclosures can reveal investments and other sources of income. They usually offer vague information about reimbursements and gifts given to justices. The forms don't include the estimated monetary value of the services provided. This makes it difficult to determine how much influence third parties could be gaining. 

Thomas amended a 2019 report after Crow's gifts became a story. He didn't think he was obligated under the ethics rules to do so but he did so anyway. 

All kinds of gifts and income have been reported. Brown Jackson has received Beyonce concert tickets, there are book advances and royalties, too on the 2023 disclosure forms. For Maddow to only target Thomas in this way is partisan bias. 

Congress insisted that the Supreme Court, a separate and equal branch of the government, determine a new code of ethics. Chief Justice Roberts said there is a code in place. The Court allows justices to make their own decisions about what they may and may not accept.

Other Democrats have jumped into the debate, including former President Obama's auto task force head Steven Rattner. He blasted Thomas, too. 

Maddow called it "blatant corruption" as she tried to make her case. 

'The blatant corruption of a couple of these Supreme Court justices is John Roberts' problem. He is the chief justice, he has to police it to save his court and to save the legal system,' she said. 

Co-host Joy Behar said it was 'iffy' that Roberts would act. 

She then believed that if corruption were to occur at liberal MSNBC, it would be dealt with.

Maddow asked: 'I work at MSNBC. If there was a member of my family lobbying the White House chief of staff, saying, 'overturn this election result,' you think they'd let me cover that election result, let alone give a binding judicial ruling on that election result?'

That was Maddow bringing Ginni Thomas into the discussion. She doesn't like Ginni's political views so she must be blasted, too. 

What Maddow was most angry about was that Trump's trials aren't likely to go forward before the November election. She said that the Supreme Court has effectively given Trump immunity 'because they've already delayed things so long that the stuff that he did in 2020, he's not going to be tried for before he potentially gets back in the White House.' Oh no

She is concerned that if Trump gets back into the White House, she will end up in an internment camp, or something. She expects to be victimized by Trump, who she said will seek revenge against her and others like her who are critical of him. It's always about them. She told CNN's senior media reporter Oliver Darcey on Monday that Trump will weaponize the government to seek revenge. 

It was quite a little rant:

'Trump and his allies are openly talking about weaponizing the government to seek revenge against critics in media and politics, with some of his extremist allies even talking about jailing their fellow Americans,' said Darcy. 'You're one of his most notable critics on television. Are you worried that you could be a target?'

Maddow replied: 'I'm worried about the country broadly if we put someone in power who is openly avowing that he plans to build camps to hold millions of people, and to 'root out' what he's described in subhuman terms as his 'enemy from within.' 

'Again, history is helpful here. He's not joking when he says this stuff, and we've seen what happens when people take power proclaiming that kind of agenda.'

'I think there's a little bit of head-in-the-sand complacency that Trump only intends to go after individual people he has already singled out. Do you really think he plans to stop at well-known liberals?

'It also seems pretty clear that some people in politics might think they'll be on the safe side — that they might even benefit from it — if they side with Trump. Ask Mike Pence about how that works out in the end.

'When Trump invokes the Insurrection Act to deploy the U.S. military against civilians on his first day in office, do you think he then rescinds the order on day two?

She continued, 'For that matter, what convinces you that these massive camps he's planning are only for migrants? So, yes, I'm worried about me — but only as much as I'm worried about all of us.'

My, my. The irony is delicious. Joe Biden has weaponized every agency in the federal government against MAGA Republicans and conservatives, in general. From concerned parents at school board meetings to pro-life senior citizens praying outside abortion facilities, Biden's administration rounds them up and puts them in jail. Nothing but silence from Maddow as that happens.

Maddow spoke about being inside the Manhattan courtroom during Trump's hush money trial. She tried to paint Trump as an evil despot. 

“I also felt like a lot of the way that Trump was dealing with the trial was by trying to create this air of menace around it, like, ‘I command this legion of followers and this is a corrupt, rigged system, and unless you let me get away with crimes, all hell is gonna break loose,'” Maddow added.

She and Whoopi went on to mock Trump by insisting that not many people turned up to sit in the courtroom and watch the proceedings. Maddow said, “There’s nobody there. He’s just a man and there’s nobody here to support him, including his wife,” she said.

It's going to be a long five months for Maddow and her fellow travelers. If Trump wins in November, it will be worse than what happened in 2016. I can't wait to see what happens.

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