The Warning Signs Are Flashing Red

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The intelligence community is telling Congress that the warning lights are flashing bright red. Is anyone paying attention? 

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell is urging the Biden administration to 'do something.' Morell and Graham Allison, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans, wrote an op-ed for Foreign Affairs earlier this month. 


It's the open southern border, stupid. 

"Given the particular vulnerability of the southern border, Biden’s recent executive order to restrict asylum processing is a valuable step toward limiting entry to the United States," Morell and Graham Allison, former United States Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans, wrote in an op-ed published by Foreign Affairs on June 10.  

"But with U.S. Customs and Border Protection reporting close to 200,000 encounters with migrants at this border each month so far in 2024, and with thousands of people each week crossing the border undetected, the government will need to take additional action — including the use of national emergency authorities — to ensure that terrorists are not exploiting this overwhelmed channel to enter the country," they said.

Morell served during the Obama-Biden administration so it is not surprising that he would tout Biden's feckless executive order meant to allegedly restrict asylum processing. 

The op-ed went on to note that FBI Director Christopher Wray has appeared before Congress eight times since last fall and identified three different categories of threats to the homeland. These categories are international terrorism, domestic terrorism, and state-sponsored terrorism. He told the Senate Judiciary Committee in December that all three categories are "simultaneously elevated.' Wray warned of security gaps along the border.

It's common sense that nefarious actors are illegally crossing the southern border, blending in with the other illegal border crossers. It doesn't take much imagination to come up with scenarios ripe for murdering thousands of Americans at a time. 

Have we all forgotten 9/11/01? "Never Forget" barely lasted over 20 years. It's unacceptable to pretend we live in a 9/10/01 environment when millions of illegal aliens have flooded the southern border during the last four years and been allowed to stay. What about the more than a million gotaways? They run instead of looking for Border Patrol agents to claim asylum. They disperse across the country. We have no idea who they are, where they are from, or what they are doing. 

There are countless big events every year in the United States that draw large crowds. These crowds would be sitting ducks for those who wish to kill a large number of Americans. Several plots have been foiled but that kind of success will eventually fail. It only takes one big action by those who wish us harm to change our country forever, as 9/11/01 did. Are we prepared for that again?

As we move further into the year, Morell and Allison warn that a serious threat of a terrorist attack looks more likely. 

I do tend to take what Morell says with a grain or three of salt. You may remember that he is one who led the effort to push the narrative that Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation, including the letter signed by 51 people in the intelligence community. But, my gut tells me he is correct here. 

Joe Biden doesn't take border security seriously. There was a scary story just last week about those who are crossing the border, released without proper vetting, and then have to be found once information is discovered about them. Our luck isn't going to hold out forever. 



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David Strom 12:40 PM | July 23, 2024