Jilly from Philly Campaigns with Hanoi Jane to Get out the Senior Vote

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While President Biden was in Italy head butting the Pope and kissing Italian Prime Minister Meloni on the top of her head, like a weirdo, his wife was campaigning in Nevada to get out the vote of senior citizens for Biden's re-election.


Jilly from Philly likes hanging out with celebrities. She brought along Jane Fonda to appeal to seniors to support Scranton Joe. 

Nevada is a battleground state. Donald Trump is up ahead of Biden in polling. Trump is ahead of Biden in all the battleground states. Jill Biden has a full schedule, traveling to several states over the next few days and holding events as outreach to older voters. 

Jill started in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Thursday and went on to Minnesota. She held an event in Reno on Friday. Her message is that age is just a number. Joe's strength is his age, and the election is all about character. Yes, really.

“This isn’t just about stopping an extremist, and this election is most certainly not about age,” the first lady said at an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin. “Joe and that other guy are essentially the same age. Let’s not be fooled. But what this election is about, it’s about the character of the person leading our country.”

“Joe Biden is a healthy, wise 81-year-old ready and willing to work for you every day to make our future better,” she added. “Joe isn’t one of the most effective presidents of our lives in spite of his age, but because of it.”

Senior voters typically vote Republican but in 2020, they came out in large numbers for Biden. Trump won voters 65 or older by five percentage points in 2020, according to CNN exit polls. Recent surveys have shown a swing in support among older voters toward Biden. At the same time, Biden is losing the support of young, black, and Latino voters. As of now, seniors are sticking with Biden in larger numbers than they are supporting Trump.

Jill is no spring chicken herself. She's 73. Her job now is to assure voters that Joe is not too old to do the job. She speaks as a wife who supports her husband in his ambitions. Jill tries to talk about the wisdom that comes with age, which is true, but her husband has dementia. We all see it. 


Jill and Joe need senior citizens to come out strong for Joe in November. Young voters were an important part of Joe's victory in 2020 and they have shifted over to Trump, especially young male voters. In 2020, Biden won young voters by 20 points. That advantage is wiped away now.

After the Reno event with Jane Fonda, Jill went to a fundraiser in Los Gatos, California. It isn't clear if Fonda went, too. Is Jane Fonda the best choice for a campaigning partner? Many boomers and older voters remember Fonda's traitor behavior during the Vietnam War. I guess it doesn't matter to someone who supports Biden.

David Axelrod told Jake Tapper this week that if a politician, like Joe Biden, is yammering on about saving democracy and dwelling on January 6, they probably aren't reaching people who are worried about putting food on their table. 

His point was that January 6 is old news and voters have moved on. The only people bringing it up are Democrat politicians and their pals in the media who want Biden re-elected. Voters want to hear about real, everyday issues in their lives. Biden doesn't talk about the kitchen table issues he references or show empathy for the 60% of Americans who say they live paycheck to paycheck. He babbles on about the bad Orange Man and those horrible MAGA Republicans. He talks about abortion. He keeps saying he has been the most successful administration ever (!) but he doesn't give any specifics. 


Joe Biden is not relatable. He does the Scranton Joe bit but he lives way too large now to use that to show he's just a regular guy. He has two mansion-sized homes in Delaware and a rented home in Virginia, and he lives in the White House. He has become a multi-millionaire while spending his career in public service. Swampy. Very swampy.

In contrast, former President Trump speaks in a very real way. He thinks outside the box when he talks about issues that working-class voters think about. For example, he is talking about eliminating taxes on tips for service industry workers. That's a big deal. Trump said during an interview that the idea came to him when he was talking to a waitress. She told him that taxing tips made it hard on her. 

Whether Jill likes it or not, this election is about Joe's age and his ability to serve another term. The first word voters say to describe Joe Biden is old. Trump is old, too, but he is aging differently than Biden. For Jill and Team Biden to try to gaslight voters that it is Trump who is too old for the job is ridiculous. They think voters are dumb. 

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