Children's YouTube Creator Gets Sideways with Parents over Pride Video

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Ms. Rachel opened up a hornet's nest with her comments about Pride Month. She seems to have anticipated backlash from conservative parents.

Keep in mind that Ms. Rachel's YouTube channel has about 10 million subscribers. She focuses on babies and toddlers. She is described as an educational content creator. 


Things went off the rails when she used her TikTok account, MsRachelForLittles, to welcome in June, Pride Month. 

This is her post on Instagram:

So she is spreading the love everywhere. 

I find her declaration that she isn't "chasing fame or views" questionable. The number of views directly affects her payment as a content maker. I assume with such a large following, she is making a living off her videos. 

Is it just me, or does she look like a kid herself? 

Anyway, I think her message is to the parents of her very young viewership, or their families, not so much for the babies and toddlers. It was in her message

"Happy pride to all of our wonderful families and friends! This month and every month, I celebrate you," Rachel Accurso said. "I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are."

She knew there would be backlash

Accurso, who seemingly anticipated fallout with some of her audience, then added, "To those who are going to comment, they can’t watch this show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way," she said.

"God bless. I am not chasing fame or views, I’m standing strong in love," she added. 

I don't see a Pride Month video on her YouTube channel. The video that was posted three days ago is business as usual, as far as I can tell.


I didn't know Ms. Rachel before I read of the social media backfiring against her, as she anticipated. It makes sense that she would address adults on other platforms, not her YouTube channel. Her audience is babies and toddlers. I assume that their parents are making the videos available to them.

She's cute. Since a Pride Month video isn't on her YouTube channel, I'm finding it hard to be bothered by the whole thing. She isn't grooming babies and toddlers here. It is the kind of content you can find from others. She reminds me of Shari Lewis a little. She uses hand gestures and clapping as Lewis did but without a puppet. The video isn't offensive. 

I have no dog in this hunt. There are no little children in my home. I don't have grandchildren to entertain. 

Did she sound like she doesn't want the viewership of conservatives? I don't know about that. I mean, that case could be made because of recognizing Pride Month in the first place, which offends many conservatives. But she was as graceful as possible in recognizing there would be complaints. The part about not chasing fame or views didn't land well with me, but other than that it was ok. 



So, I'll let it go about talking to parents on other platforms away from YouTube where the little ones are. Here's the but... there are other things to get upset about with Ms. Rachel. 

Last year, Accurso said she was forced to take a "mental health break" after parents expressed outrage over her co-star Jules Hoffman's asking to be referred to with the pronouns "they" and "them" on the show. Hoffman is transgender and non-binary. 

Accurso also came under scrutiny last month when she announced she was creating a fundraiser to benefit children in conflict areas, including Gaza. Jewish mothers called out the YouTube sensation for failing to address the murdered Jewish children or those taken hostage on October 7. Many others questioned why Accurso wasn't raising money for Israeli children affected by the war. Accurso later disabled comments on the fundraiser post and put out a statement on Instagram.

I'm not ok with inserting trans and non-binary propaganda into children's shows. That sounds like she did it on her show, the YouTube channel. No bueno. Babies and toddlers shouldn't be exposed to that mess.

While I understand her statement about wanting to help all children, she dipped a toe into Hamas propaganda in her fundraising effort. Again, no bueno.


"I care deeply for all children. Palestinian children, Israeli children, children in the US - Muslim, Jewish, Christian children - all children, in every country," she said. "Not one is excluded.I think part of why people respond to the show is they feel that care - I see every child as I see my own. I love every neighbor. Any child suffering is on my heart. To do a fundraiser for children who are currently starving - who have no food or water - who are being killed - is human."

Read the room, Rachel. Not all of the children have progressive parents. 

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