War: GOP Senators Sent Message to Biden, No More Cooperation on Legislation or Nominations

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It begins. The battle to take back our country starts now.

Some Senate Republicans released a letter on Friday that declares they will not do anything to support President Biden through the end of his term in office. Voicing outrage against the lawfare employed against former President Trump is not enough. Republican politicians have to join the fight.


The fight escalated when Thursday's verdict against Trump was announced in the Manhattan courtroom. Eight Republican senators vow to no longer vote on any legislation for non-security funding or judicial and political nominations. They will not vote in favor of "expedited consideration and passage" of Democrat legislation. 

"We are unwilling to aid and abet this White House in its project to tear this country apart," the senators wrote.

Signatories of the letter include Lee and fellow Republicans J.D. Vance (Ohio), Tommy Tuberville (Ala.), Eric Schmitt (Mo.), Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.), Rick Scott (Fla.), Roger Marshall (Kan.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). Both Vance and Rubio are thought to be on Trump's running mate short-list.

The senators posted their letter on social media to get their message out. Senator Mike Lee is leading the effort. 

Many of these Republicans oppose Biden's legislation and nominees regularly. Republicans need to come out and say what they will do now that Biden and the Democrats have greatly changed the judicial system in our country. 

There are 49 Republicans in the Senate. There are 47 Democrats and 4 Independents. I want to see 39 more Republican senators on that letter. Verbal outrage is no longer enough. The game has changed, perhaps forever. It's time for action.


Joe Biden may not be mentally capable of pulling the strings but he is surrounded by people who decide how his administration conducts itself. His administration broke tradition and decided to work with willing Democrat allies to keep Donald Trump out of the White House by using the judicial system against him. Their methods smack of banana republics, not the world's greatest democracy. 

When Biden was asked by a reporter on Friday what he thought about Trump's claim that he is a political prisoner and that it was of Biden's making, Biden answered with a snide grin. He didn't say anything but with his expression said it all. Biden is complicit. 

The Trump campaign quickly put out an ad using that moment. 

🚨🚨🚨Exclusive !!! The face of corruption. pic.twitter.com/IAvDv7X5ie

The rapid response team for the Trump campaign is good. They will need to be as we go forward. Team Biden will pull out all the stops. The Trump campaign has to remain on offense. 

Democrats wanted the opportunity to call Trump a convicted felon all day, every day. One thing that Democrats are cackling about is that Trump may not be able to vote in the election because he is a convicted felon now. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has set them straight - Trump will be able to vote in his home state of Florida.


Democrats like to say that no one is above the law as they conduct lawfare against the leading candidate for president but they fail to bookend that statement by declaring that no one is below the law, either. Trump deserves to be treated as any other American. 

I'll be curious to hear about no one being above the law as Hunter Biden's criminal trial begins next week. 

Republicans have to remain united against Biden and other Democrats. They are corrupt. Republicans have to find the strength to fight back, not just go to a microphone and say words. This move by a few Senate Republicans is a good start. More Republicans need to say they are joining in with their colleagues publicly. 

Neither of my two senators has signed that letter. That needs to change. We have a country to save. One way is to take back the Senate. The path to saving America runs through the ballot box. 

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