Joe and Jill Tag Team on Supreme Court Makeover if Biden is Re-Elected

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Elections have consequences. One of the most consequential actions a president can make is a nomination to the Supreme Court. 

Joe and Jill Biden know this to be true. Both are bringing up a progressive fever dream of re-making the Supreme Court to their liking. That means Joe Biden is promising to nominate progressives to the highest court in the land, given the opportunity. 

When Joe Biden delivered his ugly speech during a campaign event in Philadelphia on Wednesday, he made a point of telling the black audience that he would nominate progressives and their lives would be better for it. 

The event was one to launch "Black Voters for Biden-Harris," a desperate attempt at voter outreach because Biden is hemorrhaging support from black voters, as well as other minorities. 

Biden predicted that more than one Supreme Court justice will retire in the next four years.

"The next president, they’re going to be able to appoint a couple of justices, and I’ll be damned — if in fact we’re able to change some of the justices when they retire and put in really progressive judges like we’ve always had, tell me that won’t change your life," Biden told his audience.

We know the kind of person Joe Biden would put on the Supreme Court because he has done so once already. He put Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court because she is black. He admitted that in his speech as he ticked off all the positions he has filled with black people. It's his way of pandering to black voters. Biden said he promised to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court and that is what he did. She's a disaster, by the way. That often happens when people are put in powerful positions because of their skin color, not on their merits or experience. 

Jill Biden was a guest on ABC's The View on Wednesday. She, too, was talking about the Supreme Court and the importance of presidential nominations. She referred to the presidential race between Biden and Trump as good versus evil. Guess which candidate is the evil one. 

Jilly from Philly declared that if Trump goes back to the White House, everyone will lose all of their rights. She's all about hyperbole.

"We will lose all of our rights," she said on "The View." She had warned earlier that "we cannot take things for granted, and think of the Supreme Court for God’s sake. Talk about things getting worse. Can you imagine if we put any more Republicans on the Supreme Court? No!"

Why, yes, Jill. I enjoy imagining more Republicans on the Supreme Court because I want a court that abides by the Constitution. I don't want a court that bends to social experiments and how the wind blows on issues. Just follow the Constitution, is that too much to ask? It is for progressive justices. I'm not saying conservative-leaning justices are perfect, they are just much better than progressive justices.

Give me a Supreme Court nominee recommended by the Federalist Society any day.

Funny how Democrats remained silent when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg blasted Donald Trump when he ran for office. It wasn't her husband making public remarks, it was her. 

During the 2016 presidential primary, I admit that Trump was not my first choice of who I wanted to be the Republican nominee. However, once he was declared the winner of the primary, it was time to get behind him. Judicial appointments, including the Supreme Court, are a top consideration for me. Trump's choices did not disappoint me. 

The problem with the hyperbole coming from Joe and Jill about freedoms and the Supreme Court is that Trump has already been president. He has a record in office. Trump wasn't taking away freedom and rights from Americans. 

One focus of the Biden re-election campaign is abortion. There is little else for Dementia Joe to run on. The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization decision was made during Biden's term, not Trump's. Trump's appointees returned the Supreme Court to justices who follow the Constitution. There is no guarantee for abortion in the Constitution. It was a liberal Supreme Court in 1973 that made up a right to abortion instead of leaving it to the states. 

Some of the justices are not spring chickens. The next president may be able to put one or two nominees in place. Trump got three. Some justices are in their seventies. None are as old as Joe Biden. Justice Clarence Thomas is 75 years old and Samuel Alito is 74. Republican presidents appointed both.  Democrats are trying to push Justice Sonia Sotomayor out so Biden can put another progressive in. She is turning 70 years old next month. Obama appointed her. Sotomayor isn't going anywhere. 

A continuing wish of Democrats since Biden came into the White House has been to re-make the Supreme Court to their liking. That means they want to pack the court by increasing the number of justices and making sure they are progressive choices. It is very important that Republicans take back the Senate in November to stop this insanity. I think Republicans will do that, whether or not Trump wins re-election. 

Democrats are trying to get conservative justices to recuse themselves in cases related to the J6 riot on Capitol Hill, for example. They go hard against Justices Thomas and Alito. Both men find themselves in the spotlight because of the actions of their wives. And, Alito has been a target since the Dobbs decision. 

That is what FlagGate is all about with Justice Alito. His wife, he said, likes to fly flags. She's entitled to do that. Her choice of flags is only offensive to those who don't know American history, or choose to go along with the outraged mob going after Justice Alito. Do the Democrat senators speaking out about Mrs. Alito's choice of flags really believe her husband should be held responsible for her actions? 

Would progressive San Francisco fly the Appeal to Heaven flag for sixty years if it was recognized as a conservative symbol? The flag flew outside city hall until Saturday. Hmm. Now why would the flag come down now, after all those years?

Democrats have used the judicial system for decades to get their desired political results. Look no further than the lawfare being conducted against former President Trump by the DOJ and Democrats in New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Atlanta. It's all about "get Trump" and keeping him out of the White House. Think about that. Banana republics use those techniques to keep their opponents off the ballot and win elections. 

Elections have consequences. Vote accordingly. 

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