Fetterman Renounces Harvard During Commencement Speech at Yeshiva University

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Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) is once again deserving of kudos for his stalwart support of Israel during its war against Hamas.

The senator delivered an address during Yeshiva University's commencement ceremony on Wednesday. As he began, he renounced his association with Harvard University and removed the crimson hood representing his alma mater while on stage.


He cited Harvard's “inability to stand up for the Jewish community.” He told the audience that he had been reflecting on his "last graduation" which was 25 years ago and it was from Harvard. 

As he removed the crimson hood, gasps could be heard from the audience, and then cheers. 

“Today, I have been profoundly disappointed with Harvard’s inability to stand up for the Jewish community after Oct. 7. Personally, I do not fundamentally believe that it is right for me to wear this today,” Fetterman said while pointing to his hood, which he then removed from around his neck. 

Fetterman received the Presidential Medallion, the university’s highest honor, for his advocacy on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. Yeshiva is an orthodox Jewish university. 

Fetterman joked that he didn't deserve the same award given to its previous recipients. He described himself as “just a senator with a big mouth that happens to be committed to standing with Israel.”

Since the massacres on October 7, 2023, by Hamas in Israel took place, Senator Fetterman has been unwavering in his support for Israel. Frankly, many conservatives, including myself, have been pleasantly surprised by his public support for Israel and its need to destroy Hamas. He doesn't back down or go wobbly when confronted by the pro-Hamas protesters on Capitol Hill or in front of his home in Pennsylvania. He proudly waves the Israeli flag at protesters. If only President Biden had such a spine of steel on important matters.


It can also be noted that Fetterman is a border hawk who expresses his dismay that Biden has failed to secure the southern border. 

Fetterman is still a rank-and-file Democrat who votes for Biden's Marxist agenda. He is supporting Biden's re-election, too. So, we can't get too carried away with him but when Fetterman speaks out in a good way, he deserves to be recognized. Credit when credit is due. 

“Of course, we cannot ignore the somber context of today. In fact, on my wrist, I’m wearing the wristband from the Nova music festival. It was given to me by a family member of someone who was taken hostage. If you look at it, it reads Oct. 7, 2023. It’s a constant reminder of the horrors of that day,” Fetterman said. “The Jewish community everywhere deserves our support and I promise you will always have mine. And I will not stop speaking out until every last hostage is brought back home.”

On his office wall, Fetterman displays the flyers with pictures and information about the hostages being held in Gaza by Hamas. 

Fetterman's speech was an inspiring and uplifting one. Contrast that to Biden's doom-and-gloom race-baiting speech at Morehouse in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago.

He told the graduating class that one of his “most proud moments as a United States senator was voting for billions in aid for Israel with no conditions to allow Israel to push back at that singular evil force.” 

Fetterman also urged students to take some time to celebrate their accomplishments and embrace the joy they felt on this day despite the tragedy that has unfolded in Israel and Gaza on and since Oct. 7. 

“Joy can coexist with tragedy,” Fetterman said. “And today, never forget that today is a day of celebration for all of you and all of these families here.”


More of this, please.

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