Two-Steppin' into the Texas Primary Races

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It's time for Texas primary run-off races. You'll notice that there are seven Republican primary run-off races and one Democrat primary run-off race listed below. 


The morning got off to a slow start in Dallas County. 103 polling sites were without power due to heavy rainstorms. 180 sites were open. Voting hours were extended in Kaufman County. 

The run-off race I'm most interested in is the U.S. House District 23 race. Incumbent Rep. Tony Gonzales is running against challenger Brandon Herrera. Herrera is running to the right of Gonzales. He is supported by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL). If he wins, Gonzales pledges to support their primary challengers. The race has gotten ugly. Herrera paints Gonzales as weak on gun rights and immigration, which doesn't hold water with me. Sorry, not sorry. Gonzales called Herrera a "neo-Nazi" and congressional Republicans who support Herrera as "scumbags." It was a crowded primary race and Gonzales won 45% of the vote. 

Herrera is a gun manufacturer and a YouTuber with 3 million followers. Gonzales has been endorsed by Governor Abbott. Speaker Johnson attended a fundraiser for Gonzales. 

In TX-12, Rep. Kay Granger is retiring. State Rep. Craig Goldman is endorsed by Granger and other establishment Republicans. Businessman John O'Shea is backed by Attorney General Ken Paxton. Goldman voted to impeach Paxton. Goldman led the votes in the March primary. 


In TX-28, there is a Republican run-off to choose who will run against Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar. Cuellar and his wife are under indictment for federal bribery, money laundering, and fraud charges. He claims he is innocent, though three associates have pleaded guilty. 

I will monitor the results as the polls close tonight and update when possible. Polls close at 7:00 pm Central Time. 

7:13 pm UPDATE: In TX- 7, early voting ballots are showing Caroline Kane with over 50% of the vote. She has 50.55% to KENNETH OMORUYI 49.45%. We'll see if this race remains so close.

7:20 pm UPDATE: In TX-29, Alan Garza is at 55.69% while Christian V. Garcia is at 44.31%.  

8:10 pm UPDATE: In TX-23, incumbent Rep. Tony Gonzales is comfortably ahead of his primary challenger. So far, 44% of the vote is in. I'm willing to go out on a limb and declare Gonzales the winner.

 8:15 pm UPDATE: In TX-28, Jay Furman has been declared the winner. 

 8:18 pm UPDATE: The Democrat run-off in TX-31 has been called. Stuart Whitlow is the winner.

8:20 pm UPDATE: In TX-12, the race has been called for Craig Goldman. I can't say I'm surprised. 


8:22 pm UPDATE: In TX-7, Omoruyi has moved ahead of Kane. 

10:15 pm UPDATE: Finally. With 93% of the vote in, Rep. Tony Gonzales is the winner in the TX-23 race. 

TX US House Democratic Runoff 31

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