Trans Athlete Booed - Stop the Transanity

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Aayden Gallagher won the Oregon Girls' 6A 200-meter race by two-tenths of a second. The high school runner was booed at the finish line and during the award ceremony. 


Why? Aayden is a trans athlete. Aayden is a male, not a female athlete who competes against young women. The public has had enough.

Gallagher had the best time in the preliminary heats, too. He is a sophomore. He ran the fastest 400-meter preliminary race but lost the final 400-meter race by 0.15 of a second. 

The meet took place at the same stadium in Eugene, Oregon as the U.S. Championships and Olympic Trials take place. Perhaps he has visions of competing in the Olympics dancing in his head, as Lia Thomas does. 

Gallagher finished in first place in the 400-meter preliminary event with a 56.14 time – 0.23 seconds better than the second-place finisher. Gallagher finished second in the 200-meter preliminary event with a time of 24.49 – about 0.17 slower than the first-place finisher.

Those results are what led up to his qualifying for the state finals. The state association's policy supports trans athletes

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) has a policy for transgender participation in high school sports.

"The OSAA endeavors to allow students to participate for the athletic or activity program of their consistently asserted gender identity while providing a fair and safe environment for all students," the policy stated.

"As with Rule 8.2 regarding Duration of Eligibility / Graduation, rules such as this one promote harmony and fair competition among member schools by maintaining equality of eligibility and increase the number of students who will have an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities."

Additionally, the OSAA rules state that "once a transgender student has notified the student's school of their gender identity, the student shall be consistently treated as that gender for purposes of eligibility for athletics and activities, provided that if the student has tried out or participated in an activity, the student may not participate during that same season on a team of the other gender."


"Promote harmony and fair competition," eh? In what world? Not in the world of normal people. Maybe in the fantasy land of the woke. This young man took the spot that should have gone to a young woman. Someone was denied the opportunity she worked for, likely for years. You can have your harmony, this is not fair competition. 

Why are parents going along with this?

Nothing changes until adults refuse to go along to get along. Nothing changes until girls and women are supported enough to stand up for themselves and refuse to compete with male competitors. 

Look what happened when some middle school girls refused to compete against a male. They have been banned from competing at other meets. That is the problem in a nutshell - girls decide to stand up for themselves and they are punished. 

Critics are called transphobic. That's cynically inane. No one is afraid of the males who pretend to be female. The female athletes are standing up for fairness. Also, there is the element of safety concern. Male athletes can injure women in competition. 


Listen to this woman. She is the mother of one of the girls who competed against Gallagher. 

They are being threatened. The parents are afraid to buck the state rules. As I said, nothing changes until parents find the strength to stand up and speak out for their daughters. The people in charge want parents to be intimidated into submission. 

This is a tough battle. It's worth it to stop the cancellation of women's sports. If this doesn't stop, women's sports will be gone forever. That's not hyperbole, it's the truth. You don't see women competing in men's sports. This indoctrination only goes one way. 

The whole point of Title IX was to allow girls and women to compete in athletics. That battle was fought for years before it became a reality. This is no time to be changing the rules to fit the wants of a tiny minority of athletes. Enough is enough.

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