Watch: Crowd Saves Teen Girl From Iran's Morality Police

AP Photo/Francisco Seco

A shocking moment was recorded in a busy public park in Iran. A teenage girl was violently pushed to the ground by a member of the country's Guidance Patrol, aka the morality police - the Islamic police and vice squad.


The attack is reported to have taken place in Borujerd. 

The girl was alleged to refuse to cover her head and she was wearing a t-shirt. The teen fought back, screaming as she fought off the morality police officer, an older female dressed in a full black hijab.

The older woman appears to be trying to get the teenager under control, but the youngster continues to scream and fight back against the attempts.

She appears to successfully kick the older women off her, who stands up, but then returns to the girl who is lying on the ground and tries to pick her off the floor.


That is one brave teen girl. She screamed as she fought and it attracted a crowd. That crowd prevented the morality police from grabbing her and tossing her in jail. I've never seen a video where the crowd comes to a girl or woman's aid to prevent an arrest. 


The crowd's support gives me hope but I'm not naive. It's just one green sprout in Iran's budding Women, Life, Freedom movement. It is a protest movement that started in September 2022 after the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish-Iranian woman who was arrested by the morality police for not wearing a hijab correctly. She was beaten and died in jail. 

There is a renewal in efforts by Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei to enforce his regime's draconian laws. Last month the Nour Project was announced in Tehran. It aims to deal with "anomalies." 

There is a heavy presence of the morality police on the streets. The police have been instructed to focus on 'positive behaviors' and avoid using 'negative behavior', according to Iran's Mehr News Agency. The Jerusalem Post, however, reports that the crackdown is violent. 

This video is proof of a violent attempted arrest. 

There are reports of sexual harassment, beatings, widespread arrests, breaking windows, and the use of tasers.  

The renewed crackdown on women and girls came just a week after Khamenei said that wearing the hijab was of the utmost importance. He accused foreigners in Iran of hiring women to defy the hijab laws.


It's going to be a long, dark nightmare for women and girls living in Iran, certainly, as long as Khamenei is in charge. Iranians will probably have to wait for him to die before those seeking freedom and a return to life more like it was pre-Khamenei can come forward and demand change. 

I'll end with this little tidbit. Khamenei's granddaughter is in New York and she's not all covered up as Grandpa expects back home in Iran.


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