Propaganda Alert: Hamas Releases Proof of Life Video of American Hostage

Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

Hersh Goldberg-Polin is a 24-year-old American-Israeli citizen. He was taken hostage by Hamas on October 7, 2023, at the Nova Music Festival in Israel. Today Hamas released a video as proof of life that Hersh is still alive in captivity. 


It's a propaganda video. It's sickening. Hersh is shown with a missing hand and part of an arm from the October 7 attack by Hamas terrorists. 

Hersh, who was born in California, blames Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for leaving him as a hostage for 200 days. 

He begins the video by identifying himself and saying, "I was arrested on October 7 at the Nova Festival in Rei'm. I went out seeking entertainment with my friends." He looks emaciated and his head is shaved. 

He continued. 'Instead, I found myself struggling to survive with serious injuries all over my body. Nevertheless, I took it upon myself to protect myself and the people who were afraid around me because there was no one to protect us that day." 

He goes on to blame Netanyahu and Israeli officials for not rescuing him. 

'Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, [you] should be ashamed of yourselves because you neglected us along with thousands of other citizens. 

'You should be ashamed of yourselves for leaving us for two hundred days, and all the efforts of the army have failed. 

'Also, you should be ashamed because all the deals that were offered to you were rejected. Don't you want to end this nightmare? 

'Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his government, at a time when you are holding lunched with your families, think of us detainees in underground hell without water, food, or sun; without the treatment I need for so long. 

'I ask you the Prime Minister, your government, and the cabinet. Every day we are here, you ignore us more and more, and you ignore our blood. 

'Do what is expected of you and bring us home immediately, or has this become too big for you? 

'It is time to hand over the government keys and evacuate the ministries and sit in your homes.


Propaganda. Pure, evil propaganda.

He tells his parents and siblings that he loves them and knows they are doing what they can to bring him home. He tells them to remain strong. There is a reference to the Passover holiday. 

This is Day 200 for the hostages held in Gaza and those who love them. It is the Passover holiday. 

There is a video that has previously been seen of October 7 when Hersh and others were taken hostage. He was thrown in a truck on top of other injured young people, his arm blown off. It is reported that Hersh looked calm as he was captured. I'm not a doctor but he was likely in shock. 

There must be a mix of emotions felt by his parents and family as they watch the video. They must hope it's true that Hersh is alive. It must be a shock to see him as he looks, though they knew about his arm. 

His parents have shown such strength throughout Hersh's captivity. I've seen them do many interviews as they try to keep the hostages in the news. The White House has confirmed that it has the video. 


Why is the Biden administration so silent about the hostages? Why are American citizens still being held? 200 days. 133 hostages are still in captivity. We don't know who is and isn't alive or an accounting of their names. Bring them all home. 

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