If You Don't Support Men in Women's Sports, You Just Might be a 'White Supremacist'

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Remember the National Organization for Women (NOW)? It no longer seems relevant. 

There is one reason the feminist organization is no longer a part of discussions - its deafening silence on transgender athletes in women's sports. As it turns out, the organization should be banished to the sidelines, given its opinion


National Organization for Women (NOW) shared an article on X about student athletes suing over transgender policies in college sports, with accompanying text that appeared to claim people who do not support trans athletes were 'white supremacists'. 

The post said: 'Repeat after us: Weaponizing womenhood against other women is white supremacist patriarchy at work. Making people believe there isn't enough space for trans women in sports is white supremacist patriarchy at work.'

Of all the activist groups who allege they support women, you would think that NOW would want to protect women's sports for women. Democrat women are pushing back, as are Republican women. This is an issue of fairness, a human issue, not a political one. The battle for Title IX will be for nothing if women continue to be canceled in sports competitions.  

I think NOW has it ass-backward. First, race has nothing to do with this subject. That is a lazy and unserious conclusion. And the patriarchy, if that is the scapegoat, plays a role in canceling women. Transgender women are men. They are not women. Invading women's sports makes the patriarchy the lead player in the quest for loser men to earn titles and trophies at the expense of women. 


This isn't rocket science.

Every time I write about men in women's sports, I ask where are the feminists? Where are the progressive women who should be sitting next to conservative women trying to stop all this nonsense? Martina Navratilova speaks up. So does Chrissie Evert. They are the rare ones who do. Every professional athlete, every coach, every parent should be speaking out and saying enough is enough. It is not right to leave the fight to a few, like Riley Gaines. 

One user said: 'You do not support women. You no longer represent us... You are the patriarchy and we reject you... We won't support you.'

Another said: 'You have no business thinking you represent women.'

One user tweeted: 'Simply amazing that the organization that fought for WOMEN'S rights now fights to allow men to subjugate them again. Just incredible.'

Dozens added that NOW is a 'traitor of women' that needs to change its name because it no longer supports women. 

It's hard to argue with any of those sentiments. 

NOW's tweet came in response to a lawsuit filed by 16 female student-athletes against the NCAA. The NCAA is accused of violating the competitors' Title IX rights.

The athletes specifically accuse the NCAA of violating Title IX by allowing a transgender female athlete, Lia Thomas, to compete at national championships in 2022. 

The lawsuit stems from a ruling in January 2022 by the NCAA that allowed transgender athletes to compete in the category of their affirmed gender on a sport-by-sport basis.


Riley Gaines, who competed against Lia Thomas, is now an activist working against men in women's sports. She responded to NOW's garbage post.

Community notes added context to NOW's post.

"Transwomen are still able to compete in the category of their birth sex or an Open category, they are not excluded from sport. World Aquatics prohibits anyone who has undergone any part of male puberty from entering the Female category," the note read, citing the World Aquatics policy from March.

 Maybe NOW's tweet will finally wake up some who have been on the sidelines and remain silent. 


NOW needs to look in the mirror. Progressive virtue-signaling lands wrong in this area. Shame on them. 

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