This Colorado Town Voted Unanimously on Non-Sanctuary City Status

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A town in Colorado held a vote to declare it would not be accepting any migrant buses. 

Monument, Colorado is a town in the metropolitan area of Colorado Springs. The population is estimated to be about 700,000. The Monument Council voted unanimously, 7-0, to affirm the town's status as a non-sanctuary city. With the increase in illegal aliens arriving in Denver, Monument officials have growing fears that migrant buses will soon flood the area from Denver. 

This isn't a surprise considering what is happening with the Biden border crisis. I'm surprised more cities and towns are not doing the same thing. Smaller communities, in particular, don't have the resources to serve as overflow areas when sanctuary cities decide they are not able to handle any more illegal aliens

"The goal is to make sure that Denver knows that we will not be accepting any busloads of migrants into our community. The main reason is that we don't have a budget that matches theirs, and we won't utilize taxpayer funds for the support of what they've decided to take on themselves as a self-declared sanctuary city," Mitch LaKind, the mayor of Monument, Colorado, said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends First."

According to The Gazette, a newspaper based in Colorado Springs, The Monument Council reviewed the resolution on Tuesday. It was drafted, in part, "by a press conference held by the El Paso County Commissioners and Colorado Springs City Council member Dave Donelson" in response to news of migrants arriving in Colorado Springs.

The vote in Monument comes at the same time that the Democrat Mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston, brags about how well his city is doing with handling an influx of illegal aliens. Denver is about 40 miles north. 

On the one hand, Johnston warns that Denver is approaching a breaking point with the number of illegal aliens arriving in the city. On the other hand, he wants a pat on the back for being a sanctuary city. "I think we have successfully welcomed almost 40,000 migrants in the last year, and we know what it takes to do this successfully," Johnston said. 

"We just need that help, and the things we need are federal dollars, but the most important thing is we need work authorization for folks when they arrive. We need those resources at the border, so you can add more security at the border, so you can help process those asylum claims and so the folks that do arrive here can work."

There it is. Johnston's goal is the same as leaders in other sanctuary cities - normalize illegal immigration. Just give them work permits, they say. Everything will be fine. Mayor Adams in New York City has been asking for authorization to hand out work permits for illegal aliens, too. The problem is that normalizing illegal immigration takes away any incentive for immigrants to use legal means to enter our country. If someone is meeting their bus to assist them with finding shelter, food, medical care, and education for their children, that is a more than generous welcome to those illegally entering our country. Mayor Adams is giving them debit cards with totals of up to $10,000. That's a magnet, not a way to discourage the arrival of illegal aliens in that city.

The Mayor of Monument said there is no room for illegal aliens. The limit of days that illegal alien families are allowed to remain in Denver shelters has risen from 37 days to 42 days. Individuals are restricted to 14 days. If they make their way to Monument, the resolution passed on Wednesday allows the town officials to work with federal agencies to have them picked up and taken to wherever they need to be held.

Mayor LaKind wants the Biden administration to do its job and shut down the border. He wants to see deportation efforts. It's "time to reverse course," he said. He correctly stated that Biden has the power to do that today. He's had the power all along. Biden has chosen to blame Congress for not making more immigration laws. Why would Congress need to make more laws when the ones currently in place are not being upheld by this administration? It doesn't. 

Mayor Johnston is as Trump-deranged as any leftist. He blames Republicans and Trump for having to cut $5M in Denver public services. Johnston diverted $25 million from the city budget to the migrant crisis. How is the management of Denver's budget the responsibility of Trump, a private citizen? He blames House Republicans for not passing the Senate's financial aid bill for funds he now has to spend to deal with his sanctuary city problems. Too bad, so sad. The border security part of the bill was crap. It was unacceptable. It allowed 5,000 illegal immigrants per day to come into our country before the border would be closed. The goal has to be zero, not 5,000 per day. Designating a city as a sanctuary city has consequences. 

All the mayors of sanctuary cities never really expected to have to face the realities of illegal immigration. Joe Biden called for the world to come to the southern border and he would let them in when he campaigned for president. Officials in sanctuary cities said to come to them, all are welcome regardless of legal status. So the world came. What did these idiot Democrats think would happen? They got what they asked for and it's a part of the Biden border crisis.  

The truth is that the flood of illegal aliens into cities across the country is bringing a third-world environment to the whole country. Illegal aliens are not all desperate people looking for work. Many are criminals who are running to the United States to escape their home countries while the U.S. southern border is wide open. 

Crime is up in cities across the country, including sanctuary cities. Does Joe Biden see the videos of illegal aliens attacking and killing innocent Americans on the streets of our country? If his handlers let him watch, how many videos does he need to see before he understands he has to do something? 

Members of Venezuela's largest crime syndicate have infiltrated major cities like New York City. These are not people here who are looking to assimilate and live the American Dream. They do not enhance a community, they destroy it. 

Biden is in a difficult re-election campaign. The top issue now with voters is border security and illegal immigration. It is of his own doing. Now, in a purely political move, he is said to be considering an executive action that will tighten up the asylum process for those apprehended at the border. He could do it today. He could have done it at any time during his three-plus years in the White House. He is being forced to do something, anything because voters are angry. It's all about the votes.

This is Biden's America. Nothing matters but keeping a demented old man in the White House so his handlers can keep control and power. Democrats are putting the party before the country. That is something I was told that Republicans do when they support Trump. 

The only way to stop the chaos and change course is to replace Biden with a Republican in the White House who can start cleaning up the damage before it is too late. 

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