Biden Calls for Unity as his White House Released Thanksgiving Guide on ‘Crazy MAGA Nonsense’

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The Thanksgiving holiday exposed the dysfunctional dumpster fire that is the Biden-Harris campaign. They hate you, conservatives, and they aren’t even pretending otherwise.


I wrote about taking politics and bad behavior out of participating in the holiday meal on Wednesday. Just enjoy the meal and the company, I said. Take the contentious conversations into another room after the meal, I said. Remember why the meal takes place and the work that has gone into it by the host.

Progressives don’t understand that opinion. Everything in life is politicized. This year, Joe Biden and Jill called into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and he wished America a Happy Thanksgiving as he spoke to NBC’s Al Roker, a Democrat-friendly media weatherman. Biden said the country should come together. Jill spoke about “acts of kindness.” They do this every year.

“We have to remind ourselves how blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth,” the president said. “Today is about coming together, giving thanks for this country we call home. And thanks to all the firefighters, police officers, first responders and our troops, some of whom are stationed abroad.”

“We can have different political views, but … we have one view — the one view is we’re the finest, greatest nation in the world. We should focus on that … We have to bring the nation together and we have to treat each other with a little bit of decency and so — and I think that’s who the vast majority of the American people are.”

Jill Biden said it was “important that we all commit to an act of kindness today” and asked Americans to “call someone and wish them a Happy Thanksgiving or do something kind.”


It was boilerplate and it was adequate. It would have not be noteworthy except for the fact that the Biden-Harris campaign went the opposite direction. Before Joe and Jill attempted to do the right thing, the Biden-Harris campaign released “Your handy guide for responding to crazy MAGA nonsense this Thanksgiving.” According to the post on X, it went out at 7:58 a.m. Thanksgiving Day.

There is no way that Joe and Jill didn’t know such a guide was posted. There is no separating them from the campaign. Joe Biden is a puppet president who is too dazed and confused to know what is happening from hour to hour. Those around him, including Jill, are controlling the narrative. Remember the dramatic blood red background when Biden went all Dark Brandon on us and demonized Republicans in a televised speech?

The ‘guide’ was nothing but next-level gaslighting. A prime example is how to counter any criticism of the economy.

This makes them look more out-ot-touch than ever. Every person who shops in a grocery store, fills up a car with gas, or pays basic monthly bills like a mortgage or rent and utilities, and pays credit card bills knows that everything is higher than it was in the previous administration, pre-COVID-19. This is almost as dumb as when the Biden administration bragged about a Fourth of July cook-out costing 16 cents less in 2021. They think you are stupid. They think you will believe whatever they say.


Every measure of the handling of the economy was up during the Trump years. Unemployment was at all-time lows across the board, for every demographic. The Biden administration counts on voters not realizing that the job creation numbers they tout are mostly those jobs that have come back since the pandemic, it isn’t new job creation.

The fact that the guide says inflation is at its lowest in two years is jaw-droppingly tone-deaf. Inflation was at a historically low level when Biden took office. Democrats blew that up with their trillion dollar spending bills and we all continue to suffer for that. To be clear, Biden is trying to take credit for easing the economic destruction his policies created in the first place.

Democrats (and Trump) embraced lockdowns and businesses couldn’t survive. Jobs were lost and household incomes shrank. Everyone remembers what happened. Are voters going to criticize “MAGA” for pointing out that the economy was better four years ago? We’ll know in November 2024.

The guide goes on to point to Biden doing well in polls (!) and other nonsense, like Biden’s success on the world stage. Biden is underwater in all the top issues that voters are focused on and is the most unpopular president in recent history. The world leaders laugh at him as he stumbles through every summit and conference. Some protectively help him off the stage. He is late for meetings that he is supposed to chair with other world leaders. He has trouble communicating, even with the help of his ever-present note cards prepared by his handlers.


The claim that the Thanksgiving meal costs less this year is also a mixed message. The price of turkey is slightly down but the ingredients for most side dishes are up. Bidenflation pushed the prices up last year to some all-time highs so now the administration wants credit for a little relief this year, none of which is of their doing. Turkey prices, for example, are down now due to supply. Avian flu has ebbed and the supply of turkeys is more normal now. Bidenomics had nothing to do with that.

Biden-Harris claim that Trump didn’t secure the border which may be the biggest lie in this guide. Trump ran on illegal immigration and the left spent four years dramatically denouncing measures taken to secure the southern border. Remember the trips to the border and progs like AOC fake crying while grabbing on to fences at the detention centers? Good times. It was all for show. The Trump administration used ‘cages’ that were made and put up during the Obama-Biden administration to hold illegal immigrants along the border. Joe Biden opened the southern border on his very first day in office. The rest is history with the Biden border crisis.

There is a disconnect between what Biden says in public and what his campaign is putting out. Joe Biden has been the most divisive president since Barack Obama. There is no move toward unity over anything. Every issue, every statement from Biden usually includes a slap to “MAGA” or far-right extremists or Republicans in general. He acts like we don’t hear him.


It’s past time to kick this administration to the curb. They have done enough damage to America. The 2024 election is a time for deciding. Do we save America and make a correction, starting at the top with the presidential election, or do we continue to watch the demise of our great country?

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