Oh, Really? Mexico 'Categorically Rejects' New Immigration Laws in Texas

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Mexican officials can weigh in all day long but they don’t get a vote on Texas law. The Texas Legislature is in special session and a top priority is immigration law reform.


Mexico is tuning up the tiny violins. Officials claim that Texas Senate Bill 4 will violate the human rights of Mexican immigrants living in Texas. SB 4 makes crossing the border into Texas illegally from Mexico a state crime. Local and state officials will be authorized to deport illegal immigrants. What a novel approach, right? Those who come here illegally and bypass the legal process will not be allowed to stay here. No one gets to jump the line over those who are following the law.

The Mexican government said it “categorically rejects” Texas’ latest proposal to arrest and deport immigrants to Mexico. Too bad. So sad.

“The Government of Mexico reiterates its rejection of any measure that contemplates the involuntary return of migrants without respect for due process,” says the statement from Mexico’s secretary of foreign relations.

It added that Mexico, “recognizes the sovereign right of any country to decide the public policies that should be implemented in its territory,” but Mexico also has a right to defend the estimated 10 million people of Mexican origin in Texas and “establish its immigration policies in its territory.”

“The Government of Mexico categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to detain and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory,” the statement says.


Mexico didn’t specifically say it will refuse to accept back the illegal immigrants from Texas under SB 4, which has now passed both chambers and Governor Abbott is prepared to sign it into law.

Mexico likes to talk tough and then it does nothing. Where is that help that AMLO agreed to provide at the U.S.-Mexico border the last time he met with Joe Biden? Illegal immigrants are streaming over the border in numbers as high as they’ve ever been. In many places, Mexican authorities escort the migrants to the border to make sure they have safe passage.

The Texas Border Czar said he has never seen the southern border so bad.


Hundreds of migrants were crossing the border from Mexico Wednesday, using the Rio Grande and a system of ropes and human chains to get to the U.S.

Migrants risked their lives crossing the deceptively deep and swift river in Eagle Pass, Texas. Several people were swept away by the current until they could regain their footing.

While some migrants made it across, others weren’t as lucky. NewsNation witnessed one man who was unconscious and required CPR to resuscitate him.

“23 years in the Border Patrol and I have never seen such a chaotic border. I’ve never seen this much death,” Texas Border Czar Mike Banks said.

The southern border is rife with fentanyl and other drugs, as well as trafficked women and children.


Mexico has ordered its consulates in Texas to provide information to Mexican citizens about their rights and the details of SB 4. Mexican officials confirmed they will continue to work with the U.S. government on immigration matters. Gee, that’s not much of a commitment, given how little the Biden administration does on the southern border.

I won’t hold my breath for anything to change. The Biden administration will likely put a stop to SB 4 being carried out. That is what happens – it is a never-ending cycle. Biden ignores the border and refuses to send the personnel and resources needed to secure the border. Texas passes legislation or begins an initiative and Biden’s DOJ sues Texas to stop. It has happened over and over again since Biden took office.

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