The City of El Paso is bussing illegal aliens to New York, Chicago and Denver

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The City of El Paso is coordinating with the Texas Department of Emergency Management as it buses migrants out of El Paso. The city is overrun with illegal aliens, as it has been during the Biden border crisis.


Enrique Duenas Aguilar, a spokesperson for the El Paso Office of Emergency Management and El Paso Fire Department, said the city is in communication with the cities to let them know how many illegal aliens are coming and when the buses are expected to arrive.

“We send them the number of people and when they are expected to arrive, so we coordinate with every city we are sending the buses to,” said Enrique Duenas Aguilar, a spokesperson for the El Paso Office of Emergency Management and El Paso Fire Department. “We bring them [the migrants] here so they can get registered; We get them on the bus, we give them some food for their trip and then off they go to their destination.”

Illegal aliens taking the buses have been processed by Border Patrol. They have the documentation to be able to move further into the United States. Teams with the El Paso Office of Emergency Management have been going out into the community to spread the word about the buses. The process is explained to them and they are offered transportation to shelters. They can contact NGOs if they don’t have documentation. They can stay at the shelters while they get their paperwork processed.

The buses are paid for with FEMA funds


The buses are being paid for with Federal Emergency Management Agency funds and the Texas Department of Emergency Management. The buses can hold 45 to 55 people. The city fills each bus before it leaves for its destination.

Meanwhile, San Diego, California has declared a humanitarian crisis. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously declared that the lack of federal resources for illegal aliens caused the declaration.

U.S. Border Patrol agents have been dropping illegal aliens in the San Diego County area.

Board Chairwoman Nora Vargas and Supervisor Jim Desmond included five proposals with the vote on the declaration.

Requests federal resources and personnel to manage asylum seekers, and connect them to their sponsors and final destinations, to prevent releasing them onto the street.

Opposes lateral transfers of asylum seekers from other states or jurisdictions.

Directs the county Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs to send a detailed letter outlining the specific needs of local non-governmental organizations and impacted communities to San Diego’s federal delegation.

Advocates for federal funding to develop a long-term solution, including a permanent facility and operational support when asylum seekers are released into the county.

In connection to a previous board decision in early February, directs the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs to continue working with governments and non-governmental organizations on short- and long-term goals for the permanent border community. Vargas said that while the county has welcomed those requesting asylum based on a legal right to do so, it faces the challenge of a broken immigration system.


This is another instance of a county welcoming illegal aliens until they show up and are in need of public services. Funny how that happens.

One county official wrote a letter to Joe Biden requesting federal assistance. Good luck with that.

Volunteers are finding beds in hotels and volunteers’ homes for illegal aliens with nowhere else to go. Others are taken on shuttles to the airport for flights to destinations such as Detroit and New York.

This is Biden’s America. Every city is a border city.

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