MSNBC leftists have lost their minds with latest attack on Casey DeSantis - "America's Karen"

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“We wear criticism from MSNBC as a badge of honor.” That is what Governor Ron DeSantis said in an interview when asked about the personal attacks lobbed at his wife, Casey and himself as they go about campaigning. The haters on MSNBC take the politics of personal destruction to a whole new level and it’s aimed at Casey DeSantis and other conservative women, like Moms for Liberty.


Hey, what happened to there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women? That only goes one way. It only applies to the left. Conservative women are fair game.

Former GOP congressman David Jolly of Florida led fellow panelists on a trip down into the gutter as they trashed Casey DeSantis.

“For many, she’s the brighter side to Florida’s angry governor. To others, she’s become America’s Karen,” Jolly said Sunday on MSNBC.

He called her a “more effective messenger” than her husband as he battles for the GOP presidential nomination.

The problem is the message itself.

“If all she’s doing is amplifying the wrong message, she’s actually clarifying Ron DeSantis’ weaknesses,” he said, pointing specifically to DeSantis’ attempts “to terrify voters” with his culture war rhetoric.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s presented in heels or boots, the DeSantis doctrine’s a losing one,” he said. “We’re gonna learn that the more Casey DeSantis gets out there.”

Let’s be clear here. Jolly is a loser. He lost his seat in Florida to Charlie Crist, the person who challenged DeSantis in the gubernatorial race in 2022. DeSantis beat Crist by 20 points, turned Florida into a bright red state, and the rest is history. Jolly decided to go the route of being a Never Trump former Republican and has been rewarded with appearances on MSNBC. The term “Karen” is becoming somewhat out of date (It’s so 2022) and it has racial connotations but when haters can’t think of anything clever to say, there is always that. Jolly knew what he was doing.


The black woman saying Casey is a Jackie-O wannabe is Tara Setmayer, a former Republican and member of The Lincoln Project, now makes a living trashing Republicans. She is a former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill and a former co-host on Blaze TV.

“Well, I called her, I called her this, you know, Serena Waterford wannabe needs to cut it out. We see you. So…there’s all kinds of names for her. She needs to stop trying to measure the drapes in the White House and think that she’s some kind of Jackie O reincarnate. I mean, Casey DeSantis, keep an eye on her, though. She’s a wily figure.”

Bitter people say bitter things. And, they go after a candidate’s wife out of frustration. Casey DeSantis is a successful woman, a former broadcaster, a wife who is a real partner to her husband, mom to three young children, a breast cancer survivor, and she scares the crap out of the haters.

Jill Biden has to be referred to as “Dr.” Michelle Obama is the “forever first lady” to Democrats. Kamala Harris must get equal billing in the Biden-Harris administration. Yet, Laura Bush was a dowdy librarian from Texas, and Melania Trump was criticized for everything she did, including renovating the Rose Garden, and the holiday decorations at the White House. She was mocked though she speaks five languages and dressed in haute couture, putting past first ladies to shame. Now we have a first lady that looks as though she is wearing sofa upholstery. But, Jill Biden gets the cover of Vogue and other magazines. Melania was a former model and she was completely ignored by all the fashion magazines. It’s the left’s war on conservative women and it has been going on for years. Sometimes it is more obvious than other times and now is one of those times.


The same thing is happening to Moms for Liberty. They have been labeled a hate group by the SPLC. Even politicians are trashing them on social media.

A state representative in New Hampshire weighed in on the Moms.


Wanting to protect your children and supporting your husband make conservative women bad people. Maybe even like the Taliban. During David Jolly’s rant about Casey, he referred to the governor’s made-up culture issues. There is nothing made-up about what is happening in American culture today. The left hate that conservatives are standing up and pushing back. They take it out on conservative women. It will only get worse before election day in 2024.

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