Number of illegal migrants crossing into this border city explodes

(Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald via AP)

Thousands of migrants have suddenly begun to cross the southern border into Brownsville, Texas. The city has never seen such numbers of illegal immigrants. Most of these are from Venezuela. There have been so many, so quickly that officials in Brownsville issued a disaster declaration last week, doing as other Texas border cities have done when faced with this crisis.


Over 15,000 migrants have illegally crossed the river near Brownsville since last week. That is a sharp rise from the 1,700 migrants that Border Patrol agents encountered in the first two weeks of April, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. Social services are stretched and overnight shelters have to turn people away.

“It’s a quite concerning because the logistical challenge that we encounter is massive for us,” said Gloria Chavez, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol Rio Grande Valley Sector.

Chavez said the reason for the sudden increase isn’t clear yet but it may have to do with migrants being frustrated with the government app that allows them to seek asylum at a port of entry. The app is plagued with problems. Some migrants who crossed the border last week said cartel threats motivated them. Brownsville is across the Rio Grande River from Matamoros, Mexico, there is a huge camp of tents that house 2,000 people waiting to cross into Texas. Some of these tents were set on fire last week. Migrants blamed the cartels but government officials said the fires may have been set by frustrated migrants angry about their long wait on the border. Imagine that – migrants are so arrogant now that they expect to cross the border on their time schedule. This is what Biden’s border crisis has created.


Families from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and China are walking the streets of downtown Brownsville looking for somewhere to sleep. Some wait for buses and others wait for relatives to pick them up. Some sleep in parking lots.

The real reason for the sudden flood of migrants is probably the fact that Title 42 ends in less than two weeks. They know there is no stopping them when that happens. They are probably jumping the line now to get a head start on the other thousands of people on the Mexican side of the border. Title 42 ends on May 11 when the last of the COVID-related restrictions end in the United States.

Everyone expects the number of migrants to increase substantially once Title 42 is ended. As it is now, migrants cross the Rio Grande River and see piles of clothing that lead from the river.

“We are here today addressing this migrant influx that has been affecting us now for about a week. We’ve had some high numbers of migrants come across this location. As you can see — a lot of the clothing, there’s a lot of clothing left all over the area,” said Gloria Chavez, Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley Sector chief patrol agent, in a video shared on social media Thursday.

Hundreds of pieces of clothing have been left behind on the U.S. shoreline and line the dirt trail through the brush to an opening where agents organize immigrants into groups.

In a video that Chavez filmed on the shoreline, she explained that immigrants who have been camped outside in Matamoros could wade through the water and then cross to shore, where they see heaps of clothing that lead up from the river. Trails lead up from the river into the brush where immigrants surrender to federal law enforcement agents and then are transported to stations or tent facilities.


DHS Secretary Mayorkas still refuses to take accountability for the Biden border crisis. He put all the blame on Congress during an appearance on Meet the Press Sunday morning.

“We are seeing a level of migration not just at our southern border but throughout the hemisphere that is unprecedented,” Mayorkas said Sunday, adding that he believes our hemisphere is seeing the greatest level of migration since World War II.

Mayorkas said President Joe Biden “delivered a solution” to the crisis “on Day 1” of his term in the form of immigration reform legislation, and Mayorkas put the blame on Congress for being slow to act.

“Within the constraints of a broken immigration system, we are doing so much,” he said of the Biden administration.

“Our approach is to build lawful pathways, cut out the ruthless smugglers, deliver the lawful pathway so people can access humanitarian relief without having to take the dangerous journey from their home countries,” Mayorkas continued. “And at the same time, if they arrive at our southern border in between ports of entry, we will deliver consequences.”

What a load of malarkey. He and Joe Biden think Americans are stupid. Biden brought all of this crisis on by undoing agreements and practices for securing the southern border on his first day in office that were put in place by the previous president. Biden deliberately created a porous border. It is only going to get worse.


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