Judge orders Hunter Biden to show up in court for child support lawsuit

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Hunter Biden is hiding out at the $50 million vineyard owned by major Democrat donor Joe Kiani. Hunter Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen escaped for a getaway Friday at the vineyard. Kiani, a medical device company executive, is a major door to Joe Biden. The couple and their Secret Service detail arrived at the location, about three hours north of LA in Santa Barbara wine country in a four-car motorcade.


Does a four-car motorcade seem excessive for a president’s grown son? Maybe it’s just me. Hunter must be feeling the stress of the lawsuit in Arkansas closing in on him and the congressional investigations into his and his family’s business dealings. This vacation was just a week after Hunter returned from his vacation in Ireland with the president and his aunt. Thanks to his father, Hunter lives the good life.

Kiani has been very generous to Joe Biden and his family.

This weekend is far from the first time Kiani, the CEO of Orange County-based Masimo Corporation has helped out a Biden family member. He donated $750,000 to the pro-Biden Unite the Country PAC in 2020, part of nearly $3 million he reportedly bundled to the president’s campaign, super PAC, and inaugural committee.

Kiani has also tried to boost the Bidens in other ways. According to emails and text messages from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, Masimo offered a job in July 2018 to first niece Caroline Biden, which would have allowed her to serve out her probationary period in California after she racked up more than $100,000 in charges on a stolen credit card.

Instead, Caroline turned down the offer, sniffing to her father James — Hunter’s uncle and sometime business partner — that the base salary of $85,000 was “below minimum wage in California after taxes … I made more money every other year.”

Caroline later messaged her cousin Hunter that she “didn’t get the job” at Masimo, but was later “given an intern job at 31 years old because of your dad asking him [Kiani] to give me something even though I bombed it.”

Days later, Caroline texted the now-first son that Joe Biden “told me he was done with me yesterday.”


Arrogance and demand to live large seems to run in the family.

Meanwhile, a judge in Arkansas has lost patience with the serial vacationer, Hunter Biden. Just as Joe Biden officially announces his reelection campaign, Hunter’s legal woes get more intense. Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter to be in the courtroom to attend a hearing on May 1 because his absence is ‘ interfering with the process of litigation.’

She said today: ‘From now on … I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct. I will no longer allow us to excuse clients because it is interfering with the progress of the litigation, which is taking way too long to get over simple points.’

This is the lawsuit brought by Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter’s fourth (out of five) child. Navy Joan Roberts is ignored by Hunter and the Biden family. Lunden took Hunter to court to prove paternity and received a settlement from Hunter. He pays child support but is back in court because he wants to reduce the amount of child support he pays. He claims he is unemployed and cannot afford the expense. Hunter has refused to turn over the financial records the court demanded from him so now the judge is upping the pressure.

Lunden Roberts wants Hunter thrown in jail in Arkansas until he cooperates with providing documentation in the case. The judge expressed her frustration during a Zoom hearing on Monday. Biden’s paternity case representative Brent Langdon said that Hunter’s laptop is still in a repair shop.


There will be an in-person hearing on May 1 at 9:00 a.m. at the Independence County courthouse in Batesville, Arkansas. Hunter must attend. The judge’s order comes at a time it is learned that Hunter’s lawyers are scheduled to meet with U.S. Attorney Davi Weiss next week on four charges against him. Three charges are related to tax crimes and one is a felony charge connected to a gun purchase. You can understand why Hunter doesn’t want to cough up his financial records for the court in Arkansas while the feds are investigating his financial dealings. He opened the door to discovery, though, when he asked for a reduction in child support payments.

Are the walls starting to close in on Hunter? Is he going to throw other members of Biden, Inc. under the bus to save his backside? The congressional investigations, led by Rep. Comer (R-KY) in the House may prove very problematic for Joe Biden who will be running for reelection in the coming months. Team Biden is relishing the legal problems facing Basement Biden’s chief 2024 rival, Donald Trump, but Biden may want to keep the gloating to a minimum. He’s assumed to be The Big Guy referenced in Hunter’s emails and the laptop that was taken in for repair exposed all of that corruption. By all appearances so far, the president is compromised. The irony is that Democrats and the Biden campaign pushed bogus Russia, Russia, Russia corruption claims against Trump when the truly corrupt one is Joe Biden.


‘In those two months, the defendant has provided no additional discovery – not so much as one single item or word – and has failed to supplement his answers at the court’s directive,’ Lancaster fumed.

‘There is no valid excuse or justification for the defendant’s failure to provide the required disclosures as the court has granted every single protective order the defendant has asked for since the inception of this case … the defendant is playing games with this court.’

Calling on Circuit Judge Holly Meyer to hold Hunter in contempt, Lancaster added: ‘The defendant’s actions are a willful and flagrant violation of this court’s previous order entered on the defendant’s motion.

‘This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders and answers discovery. In the alternative, this court should sanction the defendant as appropriate and just.’

The attorney for Lunden Roberts said that Hunter is ‘flaunting the dignity and authority of the court’ by not adhering to the discovery rules and deadlines. At this point, Hunter is accused of playing games so the judge ordered him to show up. No more ignoring his daughter Navy Joan.

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