Migrants moved from street in front of NYC hotel as city sanitation crew cleans up

Migrants moved from street in front of NYC hotel as city sanitation crew cleans up
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The three-day protest in front of a mid-town Manhattan hotel is over. Illegal aliens camped out in front of the Watson Hotel in protest of the mayor insisting they move to a shelter set up to house and care for them. They were bused to the new shelter in Brooklyn or they have connected with family and friends.

If they had family and/or friends to connect with, why were they staying at the hotel in the first place? The sense of entitlement exhibited by many of the illegal aliens is what turns off American citizens who might otherwise feel compassion for them. It’s bad enough that they break the law to enter the United States. This group of migrants appears to have been under the influence of immigration activists who were encouraging them to protest moving to the Brooklyn shelter. All of those being moved to the shelter are single adult males.

The mayor’s press secretary said the Adams administration is “grateful that almost all single men who were staying at the Watson Hotel have chosen to heed our calls and come inside from the frigid temperatures tonight.

“The single men who were staying at the Watson have now all either chosen to transfer to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal — a humanitarian relief center that multiple elected officials today called a ‘warm’ location — or decided to leave our care by connecting with friends, family, or other networks,” said Fabien Levy, criticizing the “agitators” who encouraged the small number of remaining migrants who refused to accept going to the shelter.

The city said that no arrests were made Wednesday night. Those who refused to go to the shelter would be accepted if they changed their mind in the coming days, Levy said.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal was turned into a temporary shelter capable of housing 1,000 single men. On Sunday officials began relocating them from the Watson Hotel to the shelter. The Watson Hotel isn’t ending its sheltering of illegal aliens, though. It is moving in single women with children and migrant families instead of single adult males. Immigrant activists, some called them agitators, encouraged the migrants to claim the shelter was not acceptable.

“They’re forcing the migrants to leave the street, even though it’s not illegal to be on the street. And they’re forcing them to choose,” said Luna Gray, of South Bronx Mutual Aid. “They know exactly what they’re doing and it’s intentional to hurt these people who have nothing.”

Democrats routinely say that Republicans use illegal migrants as pawns for their political agenda. Well, what is this? Progressive agitators encouraged migrants to camp on the street in front of the hotel in frigid winter temperatures instead of accepting shelter in a heated facility that offered everything the hotel offered, except maybe the rooftop pool.

“More than 42,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since last spring and we continue to surpass our moral obligations as we provide asylum seekers with shelter, food, health care, education, and a host of other services. The facilities at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal will provide the same services as every other humanitarian relief center in the city, and the scheduled relocations to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal this weekend took place as planned. We remain in serious need of support from both our state and federal governments,” City Hall previously said in a statement.

The majority of illegal aliens staying at the Watson Hotel left last weekend when the city began moving them to the shelter. The 30 to 50 migrant men who stayed and camped out on the street in protest described the shelter as having inhumane conditions. Mayor Adams, at one point, began to question if the protesters were really migrants. The agitators were thought to be mixing in with the migrants.

In his first public comments on the matter since migrants set up camp in front of the Watson Hotel on W. 57th St. last weekend, Adams told reporters that, by his count, only a few people remain in the sidewalk encampment.

“From my analysis, about 30 are still there, and I’m not even sure they are migrants,” he said at City Hall. “There are some agitators that I just really think are doing a disservice to the migrants, and doing a disservice to the children and families that are moving into the hotels.”

Adams didn’t elaborate but the mayor’s spokesman said the mayor was “talking about the activists.”

After the news conference, Adams spokesman Fabien Levy claimed the mayor was only “talking about the activists” who have donated food, tents and other supplies to the migrants camping out in front of the Watson.

“Everyone is lumping together the whole group [outside the hotel] as asylum seekers,” Levy said.

Instead of being grateful that they were offered free shelter and provisions, the group of illegal aliens who protested allowed themselves to become pawns of progressive agitators. One Mexican immigrant slammed the migrants with their oversized sense of entitlement.

“It’s bulls–t,” Bonfilio Solis, 43, fumed Wednesday. “These migrants expect benefits from the government and aren’t appreciating what they’re being given. They’re being very disrespectful.”

Solis, who lives in Morningside Heights with his wife and four kids, said he wanted to see for himself what was happening outside the three-star Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen.

But when he took out his cellphone to shoot a video, some migrants began harassing him, as they also did to several journalists after outside activists used open umbrellas to try to shield the scene from the news media.

Solis runs a remodeling business with two employees. He’s outraged about the behavior by the illegal aliens. He said he came to the United States thirty years ago and didn’t take government assistance. He began as a dishwasher and now owns a small business. “To see these guys sitting here, expecting everything to be given to them with no effort — it’s not fair to other migrants that are willing to work and are working for a better future.”

He’s right. The current wave of illegal aliens are making a mistake by biting the hand that feeds them in order to be pawns for immigration activists. They don’t have the best interests of the illegal aliens at heart. They seek power and to promote their own open borders agenda.

NYC sanitation crews cleaned up the sidewalk in front of the Watson Hotel. No arrests were made.

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