Jill Biden skips G7 in Germany, travels ahead to Spain without Joe

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Wonder no more where Jill Biden is while Joe’s in Germany for the G7 conference. She’s in Spain ahead of him, drinking wine with two of her granddaughters. One granddaughter was already in Spain, the other one flew over with her.

Hey, whatever happened to the concern about climate change? Joe Biden is in Germany trying to get the rest of the G7 countries to kill the fossil fuel industry and make a grand transition to green energy. In reality, he is no better than the virtue-signaling celebrities and other progressives who preach one thing to the regular folks and live their best lives with private jets and mega yachts that guzzle fuel. Do as they say, not as they do. Jill took her own jet to Spain instead of going to Germany with the other G7 leaders’ wives. She brought along one of the Biden granddaughters, Maisy. Another granddaughter, Finnegan, was already in Spain and met up with them.

When Jill met with Spain’s Queen Letizia, she told the queen that she was up late drinking wine with her granddaughters. ‘I brought my two granddaughters,’ the first lady told the Queen when they sat down at Palacio de la Zarzuela. ‘We stayed up and had a glass of wine.’ Why she thought that was important small talk to indulge in with the queen, I don’t know.

Jill Biden arrived in Spain on Sunday night and will be in the country through Wednesday.

She beat President Biden, who doesn’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon. The president is at the G7 conference in Germany.

Jill Biden skipped that portion of the trip, missing a hike the spouses – including Carrie Johnson of the United Kingdom and Brigitte Macron of France – took around Lake Ferchensee.

On Tuesday, she and Queen Letizia will visit a Ukrainian refugee center.

They will then join their husbands, President Biden and King Felipe VI, at an official dinner that evening.

Here’s the thing – I’ve been waiting for Joe Biden to do something embarrassing during the G7 since Jill has been absent. She’s usually around to grab his arm and guide him to wherever he needs to go. So far, thankfully, I haven’t seen any reports of a dazed and confused Joe Biden among the rest of the leaders of the G7. Frankly, I don’t blame Jill for skipping the G7 and its hike for the spouses around Lake Ferchensee when she could go to Spain and enjoy a glass of wine in her down time.

I’m just glad Jill wasn’t wearing those tacky lace tights and trying to look younger when she met with Queen Letizia, who is young and quite pretty. The press report and photo show that Jill was wearing a red suit and the queen was wearing a polka dot dress when they met Monday. She left the granddaughters at the U.S. embassy, she told the queen. The women visited the headquarters of the Spanish Cancer Society AECC in Madrid. They wore masks as they toured the center and met with researchers.

Joe Biden arrives in Spain tomorrow. Let’s hope Grandpa Joe can keep it together a little longer until Jill can get back to keeping an eye on him.