Justice Alito and family moved to undisclosed location

(AP Photo/Cliff Owen, File)

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his family have been moved to an undisclosed location for safety. It was bound to happen because of the unhinged reactions of pro-abortion people in today’s hyper-charged political atmosphere.

Breitbart is reporting that this happened after militant leftists began making threats to the justices, as well as organizing protests in front of their homes. The leftists include the group Ruth Sent Us, a nod to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The irony in that choice of name is that RBG thought as Alito wrote, Roe v Wade is a poorly argued decision. Anyway, the group is on social media calling on protesters to gather during church services as well as out in the streets. The group likes Senator Gillibrand’s hysteria around the leaked draft of an opinion written by Alito.

Protests have occurred in front of Chief Justice Roberts’ home as well as Justice Kavanaugh’s home. Police have broken up the protests, according to reporting, but so far I haven’t read about any arrests. There is no doubt that things will escalate as we approach the time when the court releases the final decision.

A protest is planned for Monday in front of Alito’s home.

Leftists are claiming that conservative justices lied during their confirmation hearings in the Senate. Legal eagle Jonathan Turley says that’s malarkey. He’s a Democrat and he testified during the Gorsuch confirmation hearing. He lays out his rebuttal to the calls for investigating and removing some of the justices. It can be found here.

It is unthinkable that the leak happened in the first place. It is also unthinkable that the unhinged angry left now feels empowered to protest at private homes because they don’t like the court’s opinion, which isn’t even the final opinion yet. It is illegal to protest at homes in both Maryland and Virginia where the conservative justices reside. No arrests, though, so we’ll see how well the laws are enforced. Imagine being one of Kavanaugh’s young daughters who looks outside and sees the protests going on. Imagine if a pro-life group did such protests in front of liberal justices’ homes. There would be January 6-style hearings being scheduled.

Why isn’t Joe Biden speaking out against these protests? Why isn’t he giving one of his Grandpa Joe speeches and trying to calm things down? He hasn’t said a word to discourage them. He pretends nothing is going on. I’m waiting to hear that these are mostly peaceful protests. That may be for now but last Tuesday a crowd of protesters got into an altercation with police in Los Angeles. A pro-life group’s building in Wisconsin was hit with Molotov cocktails and is now being investigated as an act of arson. Fortunately, that violence occurred late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning so none of the staff was there.

The attack included vandalizing the building with ugly graffiti. Andy Ngo says the graffiti looks like the same messages as that of Antifa.

Are we in for another Summer of Love, this time over abortion? Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for not firmly speaking out against violence. He should be encouraging protesters to abide by laws in the communities where they protest and discourage violence and destruction of property. He hasn’t and it’s been over a week since the leak from the Supreme Court exploded. He traveled and spoke to the press several times last week. He could have addressed the threats but he didn’t. He has not spoken out to protect the justices of the Supreme Court. Let that sink in. I’m old enough to remember when leftists said that silence is complicity.

The attack in Wisconsin shows an escalation is beginning. Do we think the firebombing in Madison, Wisconsin will be the only pro-life center to suffer such an attack?

Two group staff returned to their office at 2801 International Lane mid-morning Sunday to find shattered glass from a broken window covering a corner office riddled with burned books. The smell of smoke persisted hours after the fire — which damaged the corner office carpet and the wall beneath the window — was set.

The building was also hit with graffiti depicting a coded anti-police slogan and the phrase, “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

Julaine Appling, president of the lobbying and advocacy organization, said she and events coordinator Diane Westphall were getting ready for a Mother’s Day brunch in Watertown when a building staff member informed her of the break-in. A person on the way to the airport before dawn saw smoke rising from the building and called police, Appling said.

The attack didn’t hurt anyone but it was meant to intimidate those working there. This is Biden’s America. Violence and lawlessness don’t bring a response from the president. When he described MAGA voters as a group of extremists – the most extreme group ever in history – it was a statement that shows what a shallow and vindictive man he is. More extreme than the KKK? More extreme than the Weather Underground? (both Democrat groups) That is just to name a couple of examples. He was directly attacking millions of voters because he doesn’t like for whom they voted. There is no organized group, as he implied. It’s Americans going to the voting booth. Maybe he’s just jealous of the huge crowds Trump gets. Who knows? Joe’s losing it and we see more evidence every time he speaks. The problem is that those more lucid around him don’t disavow the protests, either. The strongest language used by Jen Psaki when she was questioned about the threats made to the justices was to say the Biden administration does not condone violence. I think she’d speak a little differently if an angry mob showed up outside her home, don’t you?