DHS orders a major release of illegal migrants into the U.S.

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Illegal migrants from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Colombia are being released in the United States by orders from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas. A major release is underway and it is described as humanitarian parole. One exception to this release is single adults from Colombia. They are being expelled via Title 42 at the southern border.


A DHS source in Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector told Fox News that the federal government has started releasing nationals from the four countries – with the exception of Colombian single adults – into the U.S. after an email went out that said agents were authorized to give humanitarian parole to those nationalities.

Sources told Fox News that mass parole releases are already taking place in both RGV and Del Rio Sectors.

As usual, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is on the story.

As noted by Melugin, federal law stipulates that humanitarian parole be issued on a case-by-case basis. There is no way that Border Patrol agents are able to seriously vet the large number of migrants at the southern border in order to issue individual humanitarian parole. The designation is supposed to be only for “urgent humanitarian purposes” and “significant public benefit.” Humanitarian parole has been declared only in rare circumstances in the past, with the number of paroles granted per year in single digits. The Biden border crisis is changing that.


CBP said in a statement that those migrants who cannot be expelled under Title 42 and do not have a legal basis to stay in the U.S. are placed in removal proceedings.

“Although some facilities have reached capacity, CBP continues to safely, efficiently and effectively process individuals encountered in the Del Rio Sector,” a spokesperson said, adding that migrants go thorough background checks in order to continue to keep public safety threats in custody.

So, to be clear, the Biden administration is issuing blanket humanitarian paroles to thousands of illegal migrants – allegedly on a temporary basis – because there are so many of them and there is nothing else they can figure out to do with them. This comes at a time that DHS is bracing for a mass migrant event when Title 42 ends. DHS has asked the Pentagon for additional support to help deal with an anticipated surge in migrants on top of the already large numbers currently crossing the border. DHS has even put out a call for volunteers to help personnel on the border. What a mess.

Morale is low with Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement agencies working on the border. They are overwhelmed, as they have been throughout Biden’s time in the White House.

One Border Patrol agent in Del Rio told Fox News that “we are overrun.”

“We are now doing paroles. I want to be p—ed about it, but at this point we are simply overrun.”


Humanitarian parole is using a timeframe of 60 days. Parole is usually granted for only a year. It is an alternative to detention. If ICE can’t keep up with illegal immigration as it is now, do we really think that after 60 days, a person granted humanitarian parole will go back to an ICE office and check in to be processed? Mayorkas and DHS has a lousy record so far with processing and vetting illegal migrants. We won’t even bother to talk about the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It is no wonder that the flood of illegal migrants continues. Actions like this serve as further incentive for them to come to the southern border.

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