U.S. pledges $1 billion in Ukrainian aid and to take in 100,000 refugees

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A new Fox poll shows Democrats want to do more to help Ukraine by 68%, Republicans by 64%. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought about rare bipartisanship. Americans from across the political spectrum support Ukraine and its fight for freedom and sovereignty. Biden’s slowness in response to Putin’s unprovoked aggression is not being viewed as favorable leadership and that seems to be pushing the Biden administration into looking as though they are doing more.


Biden is in Brussels, along with other NATO leaders. They are meeting to show unity and to discuss their response to Ukraine as Zelensky continues to try to shame them into providing more help even while he expresses gratitude for what is already being done. Zelensky has a consistent plea – close the sky. NATO members are reluctant to do a no-fly zone because it would trigger World War III if the American military were to shoot down Russian fighter jets, for example, and no one wants the world’s two largest nuclear powers to go to war. A majority of American voters do not want American boots on the ground in Ukraine.

It is almost amusing, if it were not so sad, to hear Biden surrogates laud Biden for his strong leadership during this crisis, especially when they boast that Biden is the force behind NATO’s unity.

Thank Putin for NATO coming together in such a strong way, not Joe Biden. Biden let European countries lead the response to Putin’s invasion into Ukraine. It is a European war but its implications are felt worldwide. NATO countries banded together for self-preservation, acknowledging that Putin, if successful in Ukraine, would likely continue on in his quest for more territory. Sleepy Joe first gave permission to Putin to invade a little into Ukraine, no biggie, and then said he’d wait a month and see if his initial sanctions levied on Russia made a difference in Putin’s behavior. Germany dragged its feet in getting involved, concerned about the progress of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline and its own energy reliance on Russia. The person who stepped up and met with Putin and Zelensky was President Macron. The French president took the lead in trying to mediate Putin’s invasion, not Joe Biden. One month into the invasion into Ukraine, Biden traveled to Brussels and NATO is meeting together about Ukraine.


Voters are paying attention to the war in Ukraine. Media coverage is a little less than the first coverage that was essentially 24/7 on cable news networks but it is still prominently reported. According to the Fox poll, voters think the U.S. should be doing more for Ukrainians by a 63-32% margin. And, that what happens in Ukraine matters here in the United States.

The new Fox News national survey also finds a growing portion say the Russia-Ukraine conflict matters to life in the United States: 85% feel that way, up from 76% last month.

It’s an issue Democrats and Republicans largely agree on: 90% of Democrats and 85% of Republicans think what happens in Ukraine makes a difference here at home, about 8 in 10 Democrats and Republicans approve of Zelenskyy, and two-thirds in each party want to do more for Ukraine.

What do voters mean when they say the U.S. should do more?

Large majorities favor continuing strict economic sanctions on Russia (80% favor) and providing additional military equipment to Ukraine (78%). Smaller numbers, although still majorities, favor easing immigration requirements to the U.S. for Ukrainian refugees (67%), sending additional troops to nearby NATO countries (60%), and creating a no-fly zone over Ukraine (52%). Voters stop short of sending U.S. troops to Ukraine, as twice as many oppose (64%) the idea as favor it (31%).

We haven’t seen the kind of courage and determination to save his country as Zelensky exhibits every day from another nation’s leader in a long time. No one is sitting back and musing about the strength of American leadership in the world under Joe Biden. Biden is the guy who goes to conferences with world leaders like this NATO meeting in Brussels and ends up having to be led around by the hand by his wife when he gets lost. She doesn’t appear to be on this trip with him – probably too busy running the White House – so hopefully someone else has been assigned to guiding Biden during events.


The amount of $1B in aid is a big number for American taxpayers but most likely, the announcement of the decision to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees is more controversial. The southern border is in the throes of the Biden border crisis with migrants coming from around the world by the hundreds of thousands, now over two million since Biden took office. Last week, the Biden administration announced that up to 70,000 Afghan refugees will be allowed to apply for temporary protected status, protecting them from deportation.

I wrote about the temporary protected status for Ukrainians earlier this month.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-immigration as long as it is done through the legal process, without violating U.S. laws. We are truly a nation of immigrants. That isn’t always a popular opinion these days, though, because our immigration system is a mess and has been abused for so long that Americans have lost faith in it. Fools like Biden think they are being humanitarians by allowing the southern border to be open and accept illegal migrants in to our country without going through the legal process. This, by the way, is why Biden and Democrats are losing so much Hispanic support – those who come here legally and abide by the laws are resentful of illegal immigrants who do not. The numbers of illegal migrants during this administration is providing the GOP with the opportunity to offer an alternative.


The Biden administration will have to find ways to finesse the way it accepts the number of refugees from Ukraine.

The U.S. will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others seeking to escape from Russia’s invasion, and will impose new sanctions on Russian individuals and companies, the White House said.

According to senior administration officials, the Biden administration is looking into multiple methods for those fleeing Ukraine to enter the U.S., including the refugee admissions program, as well as parole and immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

The officials said that President Biden’s cap of 125,000 refugees for Fiscal Year 2022 remains in effect, but that those who enter via processes other than the refugee program will not count toward that total.

“We don’t currently envision the need to go beyond that in terms of the portion of the individuals that would come in as refugees during this fiscal year,” they said.

There are millions of Ukrainian refugees now. The majority of them are women and children, as well as the elderly. As I stated in an early post, I still think most will want to remain in the region and wait for their men to return from battle, perhaps be able to return to their homes. Those with no other options may want to apply to come to the United States, especially if they have relatives already here. Poland has really stepped up to accept refugees and that country will need financial assistance, as it is overwhelmed for a crisis it was not prepared for. I do still have one question, though. Do we trust Biden’s administration – the State Department and DHS in particular – to properly vet refugees? Given the failures seen in Afghanistan and at the southern border, it’s easy to be skeptical that they will get this right either.


While we are spending money in Ukraine, the U.S. is also launching the ‘European Democratic Resilience Initiative’. That will be “$320 million in funding to support media freedom, social resistance, and human rights in Ukraine and nearby countries.” Sounds like more Biden administration wokeism, doesn’t it?

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