Olena Zelenska's plea to media: Tell the "terrible truth" that Russian invaders are killing Ukrainian children

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Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska uses social media to get her messages out, in particular her Instagram account. She has 2.3 million followers. Her latest posts have centered around naming Ukrainian children who have died from Russian forces attacks and telling a bit about them.


On Sunday, she posted a long description of the killing of Ukrainian children and issued a plea for the media to get the stories out that Russians are killing civilians “consciously and cynically.” She also asked for a no-fly zone and for humanitarian corridors to allow Ukrainians to leave.

The Russian occupiers are killing Ukrainian children. Consciously and cynically.
18-month-old Kirill from Mariupol was urgently taken to the hospital by his parents. He was wounded by the shelling, and doctors could do nothing.
Alice from Okhtyrka. She could have turned eight years old. However, she died in the shelling with her grandfather, who was protecting her.
Polina from Kyiv. She died during the shelling on the streets of our capital, along with her parents and brother. Her sister is in critical condition.
Arseniy, 14 years old. A fragment of the projectile hit his head. The medics could not reach the boy under the gunfire. Arseniy bled to death.
Sofia, 6 years old. She, along with her оne and half month old brother, mother, grandmother, and grandfather, were shot to death in their car. The family tried to leave Nova Kakhovka.
I have to tell you about it. At least 38 children have already died in Ukraine. And this figure might be increasing this very moment due to the shelling of our peaceful cities!
When people in Russia say that their troops are not hurting the civilian population, show them these pictures! Show them the faces of these children who weren’t even given a chance to grow up. How many more children must die to convince Russian troops to stop firing and allow humanitarian corridors?
We need corridors in the hottest cities in Ukraine right now! Hundreds of children die there in basements without food and medical care. Russian soldiers shoot families who try to leave the buildings. They also kill volunteers who try to help.
I appeal to all the unbiased media in the world!
Tell this terrible truth: Russian invaders are killing Ukrainian children. Tell it to Russian mothers – let them know what exactly their sons are doing here, in Ukraine.
Show these photos to Russian women – your husbands, brothers, compatriots are killing Ukrainian children! Let them know that they are personally responsible for the death of every Ukrainian child because they gave their tacit consent to these crimes.
To NATO countries: close the sky over Ukraine! Save our children, because tomorrow it will save yours!


The war in Ukraine is in its twelfth day. The Russians are targeting civilians in order to break the will of the Ukrainians to continue to resist the invasion. Cable news networks carry coverage of the war non-stop, as it should, and the word is getting out of the atrocities being committed. There have been two ceasefires brokered by the Red Cross that have immediately been breached by the Russians. Humanitarian corridors are closed. Russian forces are blowing up bridges and railroad tracks to prevent Ukrainians from leaving. We are witnessing war as never before.

Putin continues to deny what Russian troops are doing in Ukraine. What has been shocking is to see protests breaking out in Russia by Russian people against Putin’s invasion. Thousands of Russians have been arrested. Who knows what will happen to them. Putin is still a KGB agent at heart, now a brutal authoritarian dictator with fever dreams of a reunited Soviet Union as his legacy.

Mrs. Zelensky wants as much media coverage as possible, as does her husband. They have risen to the occasion and are inspiring support from people around the world. Putin didn’t plan for that. The patriotism, tenacity, and determination of the Ukrainian people to fight for the sovereignty of their country is striking.


A Russian soldier captured a few days ago begged his family not to believe Putin’s propaganda. He said that Russian troops are killing children in Ukraine.

The soldier, who has been captured by Ukrainian forces, urged people not to trust what they hear on Russian television as he claimed that the Kremlin are ‘brainwashing’ people.

In a video, which was shared to Facebook by the Security Service of Ukraine, the soldier claims that Russian troops are killing civilians and babies in the Ukraine.

He says: ‘What is happening here [in the Ukraine] is all Russia’s fault. Neither Ukraine nor anyone else. They [Russian troops] killing people civilians. Babies are being murdered.’

The war will get much worse before it is over. The bravery displayed by Ukrainians as they face off against the invading troops is something that will be written about in history books.

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