Kamala overplayed her hand during her speech about January 6 with offensive rhetoric

Kamala overplayed her hand during her speech about January 6 with offensive rhetoric
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A little historical perspective would be nice as Democrats and their cohorts in the media use today to decry the horribleness of Republicans. Both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden took the opportunity of the one-year anniversary of the riot on Capitol Hill to go there and make their own political attacks. Both politicians spoke without telling the whole story. The fact is that on that day in 2021, Republican voters acted like Democrat voters.

Not only was there no reflection on the egregious actions that have been taken on behalf of their own political party’s agenda in past years but Kamala had the audacity to compare January 6, 2021, to Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001. Democrats and their poodles in the media have been doing that in the lead-up to their coverage today and Kamala legitimized that warped narrative. It was shameful.

I can only imagine what the surviving military veterans of World War II must think of such a thought. My own father-in-law served in that war, as did some other family members, none of whom I think would approve of her speech today. She is looking to score cheap political points at the expense of true political attacks on our republic.

Let me be clear before I continue. The speech delivered by Trump before the protest on Capitol Hill was not out of character for him. He spoke a lot about fighting and his loss of the election. He did tell the crowd gathered to hear him that day to march over to Capitol Hill and that he’d be with them. However, he returned to the White House and they went to protest at the steps of the Capitol. That was their right. Then, as can happen during protests, it took a violent turn. Some of the crowd took it too far and went into the building, including breaking windows to do so. The destruction and trespassing that occurred that day – the building was closed to the public – was illegal. The protest turned into a riot at that point. Those people are being held accountable and punished for their actions. For example, 64 Texans were charged. The fact remains that only a few hundred people walked into the Capitol that day, most only trespassing and without malicious intent. Threatening elected officials with physical harm is not acceptable. The deaths that resulted from that day were unacceptable.

The event was shocking. We’ve never seen anything like that before on Capitol Hill. The protest itself at and on the steps, however, wasn’t illegal and Democrats tend to tie it all in with the actual wrongdoing inside the building. It is to their benefit, they think, to make a bad story even worse. This is their political calculation.

Kamala went on to describe a possible “unraveling of the oldest and greatest democracy in the world.” Would that be how January 6 is remembered, she asked? “Or a moment when we decided to secure and strengthen our democracy for generations to come?” Not to be a ‘Karen’, but America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. And even so, America is not the oldest democracy in the world, as the Daily Mail points out.

Democracy was coined by the Greeks in 430 B.C., means ‘for the people’ and many communities such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Britain, San Marino and Switzerland have had democracies dating back to the ninth and tenth centuries.

Let’s be honest. The speeches by both Biden and Kamala were about themselves and the Democrat agenda. Kamala pushed voting rights legislation during her speech. She spoke about being in the Capitol that morning but had left the building before the protest began. Voting rights legislation will not prevent another such day on Capitol Hill. Reform of the electoral college would, though. If Democrats were serious about voting rights, which they are not, they would be pushing for that instead of trying to federalize all elections. In 2020, there was a record number of voters who participated in the presidential election. Any legal voter can vote in America. Period.

January 6 was not a coup or an insurrection. Frankly, I don’t think the protesters who turned it into a riot had any idea what they would do to complete a coup. They were busy posing for selfies and posting them on social media which aided in their arrests. They weren’t exactly the brightest bulbs. America survived that day because of the strength of our democracy, as the Wall Street Journal editorial board writes today. The Justice Department and the House Select Committee have found no evidence of conspiracy to overthrown the government. The protesters were under the mistaken notion that Vice-President Pence could reject the results of the electoral college votes.

It was all theatre and then it went bad. How did the protesters get the idea in the first place? It can be argued that they were following past templets provided by Democrat voters. You remember their actions of the past, right? Erick Ericksen sums it up nicely in his newsletter today.

In 2009, progressive activists stormed the State Capitol in Madison, WI. The Wisconsin State Journal reported it in eerily similar language to January 6. “Thousands of protesters rushed to the state Capitol Wednesday night, forcing their way through doors, crawling through windows and jamming corridors,” reported the paper. Progressives were trying to stop a vote making Wisconsin a right-to-work state, which would undermine labor union powers. Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it an “impressive show of democracy” and said she stood with the protestors. The media was mostly matter of fact about it and by no means condemnatory.

In Texas, protestors stormed the State Capitol in Austin to stop Republicans from passing a pro-life measure. Most news anchors and reporters who covered it for the national press almost all explicitly excused the protestors and made Texas State Senator Wendy Davis a national figure and heroine for feminism. She rode the fame to several electoral defeats in Texas and talking head gigs on CNN and MSNBC.

In Washington, D.C. progressive activists stormed the United States Capitol to stop the vote on Brett Kavanaugh and to intimidate United States Senators. Major news outlets were almost all uniformly on the side of the protestors. Some reporters explicitly cheered on the protestors on their social media accounts. News networks like NBC all but colluded with Democrats to stop Kavanaugh.

There is also the actions of Democrats in Florida in 2000 who literally tried to overturn the presidential election in favor of Al Gore. Remember in 2004 and the conspiracy theories voiced by Democrats about Diebold machines in Ohio? In 2012, Harry Reid stated on the floor of the Senate that Mitt Romney was a tax cheat and Joe Biden told black campaign rallygoers that Mitt Romney wanted to put them back in chains. (Joe Biden was never a unifier.) What about the Summer of Love in 2020 and the mostly peaceful protests that mostly turned into riots in cities across the country? Death and destruction from those riots went largely unchecked. Where were the crocodile tears and speechifying from Democrats then? Kamala even joined other Democrat activists by asking people to contribute to a fund to bail out those picked up and jailed during a riot in Minnesota that summer. We remember all of this.

Bad actions by Democrats doesn’t justify bad actions from Republicans but the history lends some perspective. It tosses into the trash heap all the cries of our democracy being on the brink of destruction. If anything, our democracy is stronger than ever after all of these events, including January 6, 2021. Our system works. Lawmakers went on that day to finish their business and the presidential election was verified. There have been numerous recounts and audits conducted in some states.

In other words, America’s democratic institutions held up under pressure. They also held in the states in which GOP officials and legislators certified electoral votes despite Mr. Trump’s complaints. And they held in the courts as judges rejected claims of election theft that lacked enough evidence. Democrats grudgingly admit these facts but say it was a close run thing. It wasn’t. It was a near-unanimous decision against Mr. Trump’s electoral claims.

As for the Pelosi Democrats, the question is when will they ever let Jan. 6 go? The latest news is that the Speaker’s Select Committee may hold prime-time hearings this year, and the leaks are that they may even seek an indictment of Mr. Trump for obstructing Congress.

Really? Their constitutional power runs to impeachment, and they’ve already impeached Mr. Trump twice. As our friends at the New York Sun note, such a prosecutorial inquiry runs close to what the Constitution bars as a “bill of attainder” against a single individual. As a way of harming Mr. Trump’s future prospects, we suspect it would work about as well as both impeachments did.

January 6 will remain in political discourse thanks to the Democrats until the midterm elections and then until the 2024 election if Trump runs again. The Democrats have little else to talk about. The Biden administration has been an utter failure and we’re only eleven months into it.

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