MilkGate: CNN ran a story about an exceptional American family and progressives lost their minds

(AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

CNN ran a story about an American family coping with rising food prices and the cable network’s viewers showed themselves to be the out-of-touch bubble-dwellers we know them to be. Instead of commenting on what a remarkable family the one highlighted in the story is, the commenters focused on the price of milk and how many gallons a large family purchases each week.

It’s not often that CNN does something right but this time they did. They sent a reporter from New York City to Texas, outside of Fort Worth, to interview a family of eleven. I know, that’s a large family. The focus was on the rising price of groceries as we all cope with rising costs due to inflation. A couple in Kennedale, Texas took the CNN reporter and videographer along for a trip to the grocery store. The parents of nine – two biological children, six adopted (two groups of siblings) and, one foster child – purchase twelve gallons of milk each week. The mom said, “A gallon of milk was $1.99. Now it’s $2.79. When you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that’s a lot of money.”

Watch the video and then we’ll continue.

The leftists went nuts on social media. One idiot went completely brain dead and implied they must be bathing in all that milk.

In the real world, American families with a lot of kids buy a lot of milk. Growing children drink milk. If you’ve raised a kid or two, you know that growing teens, in particular, will eat (and drink) you out of house and home, as my mother used to say. A family of eleven buying a dozen gallons of milk a week sounds reasonable. People questioned the mom’s claims about milk prices, even though she is presented as a frugal shopper, fond of using coupons. Clearly, she knows the prices of her purchases. But do go on, progressives and Jen Rubin.

Kudos to Brianna Keilar, who I usually find to be a smirking, obnoxious liberal partisan, for her down-to-earth response.

I looked online for the price of a gallon of milk at three local grocery chains in the Houston area, using my Instacart account. I found a gallon of milk priced at $3.89 at HEB, $3.29 at Kroger, and $3.25 at Aldi. Grocery prices fluctuate in different areas, even in the same state. I’m not going to challenge her on what she pays for a gallon of milk because I have no doubt she knows. The point of the story was about how a regular middle-class family is coping with higher grocery bills. Everyone has to buy food. No matter the size of the household, groceries have to be purchased. The dad noted that more cuts can be made to the grocery budget if necessary, like meals of just beans and rice, but they’d prefer to eat as they are more accustomed to eating, which I think is a pretty normal way of thinking.

The story isn’t really about milk, though, it’s about the inability of one segment of our population unable to set aside covering for Joe Biden and his economic policies long enough to even note the exceptional people in this story. This couple took in six kids who needed homes, kept siblings together, and adopted them. They also are providing a home for a foster child. These are exceptional people who should be patted on the back for such generous and loving souls instead of trashed for the amount of milk they purchase and questioning the woman for her recollection of the price of milk. Of course, logic tells us that the larger the family, the bigger the grocery bill. Instead of being ridiculed by ugly progressives (and Jen Rubin, but I repeat myself), they should be heralded for an outstanding American family.

One Bernie bro took to the Twitter machine to slam the father in the story for his political opinion. Hint, it’s not favorable to Biden.

The outrage wasn’t about milk consumption. It’s that CNN chose a real family that doesn’t live on either coast – they live in Texas, which is bad to liberals – who opened up their life for the camera and showed how they are coping with inflation. Progressives can deny the existence of inflation or that Joe Biden is causing harm to family budgets with his economic policies all they want. The rest of us continue to make purchases and see with our own eyes the rising prices. Progressives were angry that CNN didn’t tout government assistance and social spending programs that Biden proposes. There really are two Americas.

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