"Trumped up culture war", Barack? Loudon County students walk out to protest sexual assault reports

"Trumped up culture war", Barack? Loudon County students walk out to protest sexual assault reports
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Remember when Barack Obama campaigned for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia last weekend? He decided to attack parents and students concerned about the cover-up and deceit used to sweep away sexual assault reports in high school bathrooms in Loudon County. Today students in several high schools in the county responded to the situation – they walked out.

As Ed wrote about this morning, a male teenager was accused of going into a women’s bathroom in Stone Bridge High School and sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl. Rather than appropriately handle the situation, Loudoun County Public Schools board members and superintendent had the father of the girl arrested in June after an altercation. The father was made out to be the bad guy for speaking up for his daughter. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in the school board meeting. The male teenager, now 15, was found guilty of all charges. I’ll note that he was found guilty of sexual assault, not rape, in the case at Stone Bridge High School.

The superintendent was more interested in protecting the school’s transgender policy for bathrooms than protecting female students in school bathrooms. It is so important for Democrats to act like sheep beholden to woke policies on gender fluidity and destroying traditional male and female gender distinctions that they actually go to bat for continuing a policy that results in rape – the rape of teenage girls at school.

Loudon County students walked out of school today in protest of the handling of sexual assault reports. They are supporting the victims, something the adults in charge of their schools did not do. They are demanding safety at school. Students at Stone Ridge High School participated, as did students at Broad Run High School, the other school the male student is alleged to have assaulted a female student.

Terry McAuliffe is feeling the heat for berating parental involvement in schools. His remarks that parents should not get involved in what their children are taught in school, specifically CRT, have backfired big time, especially in light of the facts coming out in the sexual assault reporting. The adults in charge lied about not knowing about the attack and then did nothing. Barack Obama, the father of two girls, seemed ok with all this when he railed against “phony, trumped-up culture wars” at the McAuliffe campaign rally on the Virginia Commonwealth University campus. More parental involvement in schools is needed, not less.

Obama was trying to slam Youngkin supporters by saying that culture wars are phony, a way to get voters out to vote for the conservative candidate. The problem with that is that Obama said “we don’t have time to waste” on phony culture wars but parents aren’t concerned about political parties when their children are assaulted in school. They want safe schools. Transgender policies as they pertain to bathrooms put girls at risk, exactly as this case proved. All a male student has to do is wear female clothing and he can invade a bathroom used by female students. This isn’t rocket science. This is common sense. It makes more sense to set aside a separate bathroom for transgender students than it is to force the populations together in such an intimate setting. This is not about feelings, it is about personal safety for girls.

The male student hasn’t yet had a trial for the alleged attack at the second high school. He will be sentenced for both attacks after that happens. Whatever the legal distinctions – rape versus sexual assault – the girls will be dealing with the trauma for years to come. Culture wars are not phony. Parents are expected to protect their children. Why is there even a debate about this? It is unacceptable that school board members and superintendents side with those who impose woke philosophy upon Americans over the safety of minors. Today high school students said that with their walkouts.

Michelle Luttrell, the Principal at Loudoun County High School, said they were aware of the social media posts regarding a student walk-out demonstration on Tuesday. She said the environment would be supervised and the protest would take place in a designated area on the front lawn. School security officers were on duty. She said the students who participated would not be penalized. The principal asked that they protest without signage in a peaceful way. From the video on Twitter, it looks like the students abided by the rules. They were certainly better behaved than the adults in the school board meeting where the father was arrested for speaking up for his daughter.

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