"Justice was served today": Loudoun rapist convicted in bathroom assault

Where does Scott Smith go to get his reputation back? And better yet, where do the Loudoun County Public Schools board members and superintendent go to have theirs stripped from them? A juvenile court convicted the teenager that raped Smith’s daughter after accessing the bathroom with a cross-dressing ruse and touched off a national controversy over free speech and parental rights in education:

The teenager accused of sexually assaulting a ninth-grade girl in a Loudoun County, Virginia, high school was found guilty on all charges.

The victim was assaulted in a women’s restroom at Stone Bridge High School by a male allegedly wearing a skirt. A juvenile court judge found the evidence enough to convict but will hold on sentencing until the convicted teenager, now 15, is tried for another alleged assault at a different high school. …

Scott Smith, the victim’s father, was arrested at a school board meeting in June in which he says he got into an altercation with a woman who said that she didn’t believe his daughter was raped. The superintendent defended the school’s transgender bathroom policy at the meeting. Smith was later found guilty in the school board scuffle of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The assault against Smith’s daughter was reported on May 28, and the school told Smith they would handle it internally. He got police involved, but on Oct. 6 the same boy who was convicted of the May assault was charged with another assault at a different high school. The Smiths are suing the school district.

And well they should. Not only did they appear more interested in protecting the rapist rather than the victim, the school board and superintendent lied about the incident. When Smith got angry over the lie and attempted to tell the truth, police intervened and arrested him. The Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland, following the LCPS board’s lead, suggested that Smith was a domestic terrorist — a narrative on which the national media pounced, and from which they have only partly retreated.

In fact, the national media still shies away from the cover-up committed by LCPS and Superintendent Scott Ziegler. There still has been no real explanation as to why Ziegler and LCPS failed to report sexual assaults on its campuses as required by Virginia state law. There hasn’t been much media reporting on that aspect of the case either despite the supposedly enhanced sensitivity in the #MeToo movement, except mainly that reporting driven by Luke Rosiak and The Daily Wire.

That doesn’t mean that everyone’s staying quiet about it. WUSA reports that LCPS teachers and students will conduct a walkout to protest the bathroom rapes and the LCPS cover-up of them. Maybe a few more news outlets will start paying attention to the corruption at LCPS, and they can start with tonight’s school board meeting.

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