Home run: Kemp circles back to Stacey Abrams as Braves win to advance to the World Series

Home run: Kemp circles back to Stacey Abrams as Braves win to advance to the World Series
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For the first time since 1999, the Atlanta Braves are going back to the World Series. They will square off against the Houston Astros. The games played in the World Series will be played in those two cities, Atlanta and Houston. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp took the opportunity of the win for the Braves last night to poke his former political opponent, Stacey Abrams, with a tweet. It was a home run.

The tweet was a relevant reminder of what a sore loser Stacey Abrams is in politics and how she has cashed in on her refusal to admit that she lost the race for governor in 2018. In a fair world, Abrams would have been criticized and accused of undermining democracy in America by refusing to acknowledge the results in that race, with the election of Governor Kemp, but alas, she is a Democrat and only Republicans undermine democracy in today’s world. To address problems that arose during the last election cycle, Georgia passed election integrity reform legislation and “Governor” Abrams didn’t like that. She went on to encourage her Hollywood friends and others to boycott the State of Georgia. Her efforts to divide Georgians over a bogus claim of election integrity equals suppression of votes continued as the MLB All-Star game approached. It was to be played in Atlanta. Abrams supported moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta and into another state. Until she got caught and realized what she had done, that is. Then she backtracked and lied about her actions.

Abrams was criticized by regular, sane Georgians and others for deliberately encouraging moving the game out of state, thus denying the economic benefits the event would bring to the city. All the businesses who count on such events for income, people who count on the jobs brought by the event, and the fans who planned on the game being there were all screwed when the game venue was moved. Thanks, Stacey.

Ironically, the All-Star game was moved to Denver. Colorado has voter id requirements and fewer early voting days than the new Georgia law provides. During the All-Star Game, the RNC ran an ad bashing the decision to move the game from Georgia. And there was this – Atlanta’s population is 51% black and the game was moved to Denver which is 76% white.

The real poetic justice now for Ms. Abrams is that the Braves will face the Astros. Texas also passed an election integrity voting bill that was highly contested by Democrats. Good times.

Abrams turned her bitterness over losing a job she felt entitled to, the governorship, into a successful get-out-the-vote operation. Governor Kemp is still in office but the two Senate seats in Georgia went to Democrats in 2020, thanks to her efforts and a depressed Republican voter turnout.

So far there are no calls for the World Series to be played in a different city than Atlanta by Abrams. I’m kidding, kinda, sorta, but it just shows the absolute hypocrisy and political opportunism at play with the perpetually victimized in the Democrat Party. The election integrity laws in Georgia and Texas are not a result of a desire to suppress the votes of anyone. They are to assure that an election is held in a uniform way across the state. Everyone has the same rules.

Georgia’s election law sets an ID requirement for mail-in votes, limits the use of ballot drop-off boxes and gives the state Legislature more control over local-level elections, the Journal-Constitution reported. It also expands voting in some rural areas of the state.

The DeKalb County GOP chair tweeted congratulations in her reference to the loss of the All-Star game. All’s well.

Someone check on Stacey.

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