RNC to air ad during MLB All-Star game slamming move to Denver

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For those of us who prefer our sports to be politics-free, the change of venue of the MLB All-Star game was a bone-headed move. It was a political decision made by the MLB. Baseball chose to support Democrats instead of Georgians who depend on the event for their livelihoods. Talk about not reading the room. Millions of dollars of revenue are now going to Denver, not to mention the jobs, too, and the RNC is pushing back. An ad by the RNC will air during the All-Star game to let America know that Atlanta was robbed.


It’s a no-brainer for Republicans. Election integrity laws are a premier issue as we go into the 2022 mid-term elections. Voters want to know that our elections are free and fair and abide by the laws set forward by their state. Democrats have overplayed their hand in issues like voter id and the RNC intends to make it an issue. The majority of Americans agree that voters should be required to show some form of identification before casting a vote, that includes minority communities. A recent poll conducted by Monmouth University shows that 80% of adult voters overwhelmingly support voter id laws. Voter id laws support election integrity, they do not suppress voters. Democrat lawmakers are only now slowly realizing that their proclamations of racism and dividing communities over voting laws is being rejected by the majority of adult Americans.

The poll, conducted June 9-14 among 810 U.S. adults, found overwhelming support for certain proposals that would expand voter access, with 71% saying in-person early voting should be made easier and 69% backing national guidelines that mandate early voting and mail-in voting in every state for federal elections.

An overwhelming majority (81%) of respondents also said they support voters being required to show ID in order to vote, including 62% of Democrats, even as critics contend voter ID laws suppress turnout and unfairly discriminate against groups like low-income, elderly and minority voters.

Only 50% of respondents said voting by mail—which former President Donald Trump falsely criticized during the election as being more susceptible to fraud—should be made easier, versus 39% of respondents who said it should be made harder.


These kinds of results from polling leave Democrats on the defensive. Freshman Georgia Senator Warnock, up for election to serve a full term in 2022, has recently changed his tune about voter id laws. Now he claims he was never against them, though he was.

On Friday an ad campaign began by the RNC. A full-page open letter to Major League Baseball ran in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. It said that the league “caved to Joe Biden and the woke mob”. A digital billboard ad in The Battery near Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, will also run.

“Joe Biden‘s lies have real consequences, and Georgia’s Black-owned small businesses are paying the price for his reckless misinformation campaign,” said RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “The RNC is using every tool to counter Democrats’ woke mob mentality and debunk their false narrative around commonsense election integrity protections in Georgia and across the country.”

It is particularly egregious that Joe Biden jumped into the fray with his support for moving the game to Denver from Atlanta. It also betrays the very people credited with his win in the presidential race. Atlanta is a city with a 51% black majority. Denver is 76% White and 9% Black. If we are to make everything racial, the facts should have a place in the argument. Atlanta is expected to lose $100 million from the decision and 30% of Atlanta’s small businesses are minority-owned. That includes the small businesses dependent on revenue from baseball in the city. All the major companies headquartered in Atlanta that are led by CEOs who jumped on the bandwagon to yank the game from Atlanta should be held accountable by consumers. It is a lesson that woke corporations have to continue to learn – their consumers are not solely of one political party or ideology. Why limit customer appeal by about half in order to satisfy the woke mobs on social media?


The RNC is using a black Georgia pastor and former Republican state lawmaker in the 30-second ad that will air during the All-Star game. The message is that Atlanta was robbed.

“This was supposed to be Atlanta’s night, but we were robbed,” the Rev. Melvin Everson, a former Republican state lawmaker, says in his narration. “Democrats stole our All-Star Game to push their divisive political agenda.”

The television ad is a seven-figure ad buy. It will run on Fox during the telecast Tuesday and also on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta, you were robbed. Hold the Democrats accountable for this political stunt.

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