Clueless Klain: inflation and the supply chain chaos are 'high class problems'

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There are blunders made by misspeaking to make a point and then there are Biden administration-level blunders. Biden administration-level blunders are the result of an eagerness to gaslight Americans into thinking that all is well, nothing to see here, just move along. Usually, the press is only too happy to accommodate the administration and act as if this is what normal looks like. That is when we turn to Twitter and get a glimpse into reality. The Biden administration is tone-deaf.


Maybe they just really do believe their own hype but when White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain re-tweets a tweet posted by Obama’s former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, the Twitterverse noticed. Klain devotes a great deal of time and energy to social media and is known for the volume of tweets he retweets each day to promote Biden’s agenda. Wednesday night he retweeted a hot take from Jason Furman, now a Harvard Economics professor, the former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Obama years. Furman tweeted that inflation and supply chain disruptions are really just “high class problems”, you know. Klain retweeted that and used emojis to point to it.

Forman was making a point that if the unemployment rate was higher, the problems would be centered on people not having money to purchase goods. If people are not purchasing goods, price increases and supply shortages would not be pressing issues for consumers. In other words, the focus would be on people looking for jobs. There is an abundance of job openings right now, though, and a shortage of workers willing to fill them. Klain apparently thought he was approving a fellow liberal’s economic comment and complimenting his boss, Biden, for an economy that features a low rate of unemployment with an abundance of jobs available. Last week Joe Biden faced the press and put a brave face on a dismal September jobs report by crowing about the unemployment rate, which is currently at 4.8%. As usual, Biden went on to smack the previous president who lives rent-free in his mushy head.


“Today’s report has the unemployment rate down to 4.8%, a significant improvement from when I took office and a sign that our recovery is moving forward, even in the face of the COVID pandemic,” Biden said Friday at the White House. “Jobs up, wages up, unemployment down. That’s progress.”

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Of course that’s all good news for American workers. What Biden didn’t say, though, is that the unemployment rate was so high when he entered office because of the pandemic and the devastation it did to our economy, as well as economies around the world. Lockdowns, favored by Biden and his administration, brought the economy to a screeching halt. During the Trump administration, pre-pandemic, we enjoyed a historically low 3.5% unemployment rate.

Joe Biden’s economic policies are slowing economic recovery. He began his term in office by going after the fossil fuel industry with a determination to destroy it as he does the bidding of the progressive left. Joe is clueless about how the economy works and of the day-to-day lives of regular working people. He’s been a creature of The Swamp for fifty years. He has been on the payroll of American taxpayers all of his adult life. Remember when Obama made a big deal about putting Biden in charge of that administration’s recovery plan for the economy after the crash in 2008? It was the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. Joe Biden is quickly taking us back to Jimmy Carter’s 70s and that’s not a good thing at all. Inflation is at a 13 year high.


Klain’s retweet showed a real tone-deafness. Look no further than the price of basic necessities. Any person shopping for groceries or filling up a car’s gas tank is already feeling the pinch of Biden inflation. Prices for used cars have escalated, as has building a new home or just making home improvements. Labor shortages from pandemic shutdowns play a part as workers are slow to return to work. There is a shortage of truck drivers who deliver goods for us to buy. We are already being warned to shop early for the holidays and expect empty shelves.

Lower-income people are the first to suffer when inflation rises and shortages show up on store shelves. Higher-income earners have more options than those who live paycheck to paycheck, which is a large part of working-class Americans. What about those on fixed incomes like seniors living on Social Security checks? As a matter of fact, the Social Security cost of living increases will be the highest in 40 years. It’s easy for Ron Klain to sit in the White House and retweet Furman’s tweet which was meant to distract from the problems most of the country is currently experiencing.

‘As long as we’re on the subject of class, it appears Mr Klain and the entire Biden White House missed Economics 101,’ Republican Georgia Representative Buddy Carter told on Thursday.

‘Inflation hurts working families and seniors on fixed incomes the most while their runaway spending is leaving all our children and grandchildren under a crushing mountain of debt to China,’ he continued.

GOP Representative Byron Donalds of Florida told Daily Mail that the comments from Klain are indicative of the ‘tone-deafness’ of the Biden administration.

‘The cluelessness embroiling the White House stems from the top down, and that is evident with the tone-deaf statements coming from the Press Secretary and Chief of Staff,’ he said.

‘While they ignore the reality of Biden’s failed economic agenda, everyday Americans feel the pain of Bidenomics at the pump, grocery store, and just about every aspect of daily life,’ the congressman continued. ‘The American people are not better off today than before Biden got into office, and skyrocketing inflation is one of the many reasons this is the case.’


Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters yesterday that inflation is decreasing, not increasing. Do tell, Jen.

Inflation had decelerated by 50% over recent months, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, adding the administration had “been planning for” higher prices.

“We’ve seen a decrease over the course of time,” she told reporters on Wednesday. “Over the second and third quarter of this year, monthly inflation increases have actually decelerated.”

“We all understand the American people are not looking at cost-to-cost comparisons from this year to two years ago,” she said.

That last statement is a punch in the gut – she thinks no one is noticing higher costs or making comparisons to prices in months past? She clearly doesn’t have to worry about a monthly budget or feels a pinch when grocery prices rise.

This is Biden’s America. Prepare for some bumpy times ahead.

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