ICE using 'fear and intimidation' on field offices to release migrants deep into U.S.

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The Biden administration has quite a disinformation campaign going on as it pertains to illegal migration and the southern border. The administration is in over its head with the Biden border crisis and Sleepy Joe’s polling numbers are tanking. What’s an incompetent president and his homeland security department to do? How about distracting Americans with a bogus story about Border Patrol agents using whips on Haitian migrants in Del Rio while many are quietly being flown away from the border, deep into the United States?


That is exactly what is going on. As Jazz wrote about earlier, we are being lied to by the Biden administration. Some Haitians are disappearing away from the Del Rio International Bridge area and being shifted to other spots along the southern border. That means the burdens of illegal migration will be spread out to many border communities, not so heavily concentrated in Del Rio, a city of 35,000 residents. As it turns out, the Haitians are also being flown out of Del Rio, not back to Haiti as we’ve been told, but further into the United States, far away from the southern border.

A major government contractor, iAero Airways, is transporting migrants to cities like Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, New York City, Yakima, Wash., and Harrisburg, Pa. That’s the East Coast, West Coast, and the Midwest, too. Lots of states will end up with them. They are taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field offices around the country. The migrants are later released from these destinations. In other words, a new Catch and Release program is back, big time, and the story is being ignored. This is on a grander scale than the old Catch and Release actions on the border.

The useful idiots in the press are too busy falling for a lie perpetuated by Democrats in order to distract from the Biden border crisis, a true humanitarian crisis. The story of the Border Patrol agents using whips against migrants while patrolling the Del Rio camp area on horseback was obviously not true from the beginning. This is Texas, y’all, and all kinds of law enforcement agencies use horses instead of patrol vehicles when it makes sense to do so. Law enforcement is well trained to handle their horses and there is no such thing as whips being used, and that includes at the southern border. I knew the Democrats were up to no good when I first saw a tweet from the director of Julian Castro’s PAC, then later Castro chimed in with his own tweet. They both tried to gaslight about speaking out against migrant treatment during a Democrat administration like they were turning a blind eye to politics, but the whole charade is all about politics and throwing the spotlight on Border Patrol instead of DHS’s failure to secure the border.


That isn’t a whip. That’s a part of the reins used to control the horse. Border Patrol uses them to guide the horse away from people. In the picture shown in that tweet, the agent appears to be grabbing the shirt sleeve of the migrant as the rein hangs to the side. Nonetheless, the outrage mob went into action and the lie about whips being used in Del Rio began. Fox News has been the one consistent media presence in Del Rio as the flood of migrants has swelled over the past week and reporter Bill Melugin immediately countered the story but it was too late, the story overcame the news cycle. Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar even argued with a CNN anchor about the absurd story.

Cuellar quickly emphasized that the border agents did not carry any whips or lassos while interacting with the migrants.

“Certainly, we got to make sure we treat all the immigrants with respect and dignity, but I will say this. Border Patrol has had those horse brigades for a while. They’ve had them for a while, number one. Number two, they don’t carry whips, and they do not carry lassos.

“Should those be used, even if it is a rein?” Blackwell asked.

“If there was a problem, it should be investigated, and I think that’s it. But we cannot paint the Border Patrol with the same type of paintbrush. What are they supposed to do, just stand there and let everybody come in? They’re supposed to be enforcing the law,” Cuellar answered.


What’s next? Perhaps a demand from The Squad and others to defund the horse brigades? All the while, migrants are being dumped across the country. It’s not just Haitians but that is the group currently causing the most congestion at the border. Migrants are being flown to field offices that cannot handle the increase and then being pressured to release them so as to make room for more to come. That’s Catch and Release.

One of the most prominent ways migrants are moved through the U.S. and often later released is through flights by ICE Air – which is what the iAero flights for ICE are known as – that transfer migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to ICE field offices throughout the country.

But those field offices have a limited capacity, and there are thousands of migrants streaming across the southern border per day.

To solve this problem, former ICE Buffalo Field Office Director Tom Feeley alleges that ICE headquarters pressures local field offices to release large numbers of migrants to clear room for more people from the border. And as more and more migrants cross the border each day and crowd facilities there, headquarters will often come back and demand yet more releases to make room for even more aliens.

“It’s happening on a grand scale,” Feeley said of the releases of migrants far from the southern border. “They’re getting pounded every day fielding calls from headquarters about who they can release to make room for more people on the border. And the following week, they’re getting more calls almost daily, again, about who can you release to make room for more people on the border.”

Feeley added: “So basically all we’re doing is we’re catching them at the border, shipping them into the interior, releasing them and getting more and then releasing them and then getting more and releasing them.”


It’s a vicious cycle. Biden and DHS are incompetent. They have put the country at risk because of a humanitarian crisis and a public health crisis on the southern border. The lie perpetuated to distract from quietly shuffling migrants around the country has worked out nicely for them. Catch and Release is back and on a grander scale. Heckuva job, everyone!

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