Taliban spox: Women cannot be ministers in government, may inaugurate new government on 9/11 anniversary

AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

The only people this is a shock to are those in the Biden administration. The Taliban is talking of inaugurating their new government in Afghanistan on the anniversary of 9/11 and no, there will not be any women in leadership positions. The new Taliban is the same old Taliban and the bad old days are back.


According to reports today, Taliban spokesman Sayed Zekrullah Hashim says that women will not be ministers in the new government, they should be giving birth instead. In an interview with TOLO News, Hashim said that women cannot handle being government leaders and they do not makeup half of the country’s population. And, then he went on to describe the women protesting the draconian measures being put back into place by the Taliban as prostitutes, so there’s that. TOLO News is Afghanistan’s first 24-hours news and current affairs television network, according to its Twitter page.

The message 21 years ago was a different one.

Joe Biden and his merry misguided minions have legitimized the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan. Girl babies born during the last twenty years have grown up in a much freer country than they now find themselves in. Biden and Blinken may try to gaslight Americans to think that the Taliban are a kinder, gentler, more politically correct group of men now but that position is breathtakingly naive. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is by design. Biden doesn’t care about the disruption and destruction he has caused with his incompetency. He is a callous, arrogant man who thinks he has to answer to no one. He just wanted to get the hell out of Afghanistan and consequences be damned. Despite reports of alleged advice against taking matters into his own hands and going it alone in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, without even giving a heads-up to our allies on the ground, Biden decided to try to use the 20th anniversary of 9/11/01 as a time to pat himself on the back. Instead, the United States has been disgraced and looks weak. Our allies no longer trust us and who can blame them? Now it is reported that the Taliban will use the anniversary of 9/11 to inaugurate their new cabinet of ministers. They are well aware of the symbolism and are savvy enough to use it against America and our allies.


It comes amid reports that the Taliban may hold the official inauguration of their new government on 9/11 to ‘troll’ the US as Americans prepare to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center.

The words of Hashimi do nothing to dispel the assumptions that the Taliban have not altered their hardline stance which saw them impose a brutally strict interpretation of Islamic law during their rule in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

The group has tried to distance itself from the policies of the old regime, but widespread reports of the Taliban beating protestors, administering medieval punishments on the streets and introducing a ban on all women playing sport has shown a disconnect between the group’s PR offensive and their true intentions.

‘A woman can’t be a minister, it is like you put something on her neck that she can’t carry,’ said Hashimi.

‘It is not necessary for women to be in the cabinet – they should give birth. Women protesters can’t represent all women in Afghanistan.

The interviewer interjected to declare: ‘Women are half of the society.’

But Hashimi dismissed the notion immediately: ‘But we do not consider them half. What kind of half?’

‘The women protesting in the streets, they do not represent the women of Afghanistan. The women of Afghanistan are those who give birth to the people of Afghanistan, educates them on Islamic ethics.’


Joe Biden brushed aside any concerns about the safety and security of girls and women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule when he indicated that the Afghan military and general population were not fighting against Taliban takeover. Women outside of Kabul are taking to the streets to protest. A 27-year-old woman is waiting to be hunted down and killed by the Taliban because she is the mayor of her town. Even George W. Bush criticized Biden for abandoning girls and women to the Taliban. We know he rarely criticizes Democrats these days.

Women protesters are also calling out the Taliban who are on the FBI terror watch list.

The hurtful comment comes at a time when hundreds and thousands of Afghan women are taking to the streets of the country to protest against the uncomprehensive interim government formed by the Taliban. Additionally, the protest also calls out the terrorists in the cabinet who are on the FBI watchlist.

The Taliban is facing backlash from not just the Afghan populace but the world. The new Afghanistan government is not holding up the promise of respecting women and their rights. Women are treated horribly and as less than a person. At present, women in Afghanistan are fighting for their rights and taking to the streets to call out the Taliban.

Likewise, in the previous rule between 1996 and 2001, the terrorist group banned girls from working and attending schools. Women in Afghanistan, forced to cover themselves completely with a hijab and burqa. Additionally, they could not step out of the house without a male accompanying them. Not following these rules resulted in brutal public punishment.


It shouldn’t have to be said but the Biden administration continues to speak about expectations of the Taliban. It’s ridiculous. The Taliban don’t care about the Biden administration’s expectation of them. They will pretend to play nice until they get all the money they want from the administration and then all bets are off. Remember this the next time Joe Biden tries to tell us what a great supporter he is of women and girls.

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