Kamala: Your body, your choice. Biden: Hold my beer

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As Joe Biden was busy dictating that every American, except some big union members, be vaccinated against COVID-19, Kamala Harris was telling fellow travelers that the liberal pro-abortion mantra of “your body, your choice” still applies. What is this, a lame attempt of pulling off a good cop, bad cop routine? The Biden administration can’t even do that right.

Kamala Harris is deeply distressed that Governor Abbott made some remarks about the Texas fetal heartbeat bill, S.B.8, and did her part to take them out of context as the media has done. In S.B.8, there are no exceptions for rape, incest, or domestic violence survivors, only for emergency health reasons for the pregnant woman. Kamala conflated Abbott’s remarks to mean he intends to eliminate all rapists from Texas. In fact, what Abbott said is that he intends to put rapists in jail. You’d think as a former prosecutor, Kamala would be in agreement with that statement. Not so much if she can troll a male Republican governor. When attacked, er, asked about no exemptions over rape when he signed the bill, Abbott explained his intentions to get rapists off the streets.

On Tuesday, Gov. Abbott said he would “eliminate all rapists” when asked about rape victims having to carry their pregnancies to term because of the abortion law.

“Rape is a crime, and Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets,” Abbott said.

As you can see, those are not controversial remarks, unless you are a pro-abortion politician. Then even basic statements about law and order are subject to criticism. Kamala calls Abbott “arrogant”. She was in California at the time because she has nothing more pressing to do than to campaign for Gavin Newsom and help him keep his job.

“To arrogantly dismiss concerns about rape survivors and to speak the words that were empty words, that were false words, that were fueled with not only arrogance but bravado, that is not who we want in our leaders,” Harris said while campaigning for Newsom, who is facing a recall election in California. “We want in our leaders someone like Gavin Newsom, who always speaks the truth.”

She took a speaking slot at a campaign event for Newsom and turned it into an attack on the governor of Texas. Then she went so far as to say that Newsom always tells the truth to Californians. Kamala and the truth don’t have a close relationship. Newsom consistently is not truthful with California residents and his own arrogance allows him to make COVID-19 mandates for everyone but himself, his family, and his friends. Remember the photos of Newsom and friends at a birthday dinner at The French Laundry in San Francisco? How about when it was discovered that his children were attending a private school despite his mandates to public school children that they only have online learning available to them? Kamala just wanted to gin up the base in support of Newsom.

“This decision is not the last word on Roe v. Wade, and we will not stand by and allow our nation to go back to the days of back-alley abortions,” said VP Harris via an official White House statement.

Yesterday in D.C., Kamala held a meeting in her office with abortion and reproductive health providers and patients from Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and New Mexico. Ironically, Joe Biden was making his own news yesterday by reinforcing the idea that he prefers to govern as a dictator, not the leader of a constitutional republic. He tossed aside the 10th Amendment and threatened governors who he views as obstacles in the way to getting all Americans vaccinated. Those governors include Governor Abbott and especially Governor DeSantis, a Republican frequently named as a potential presidential candidate in 2024. So much for the “my body, my choice” mantra, right?

“Get them out of the way.” I don’t know which of Biden’s staffers wrote that tweet for him but if the goal was to make him look tough, it didn’t. It made him sound like a Mafia boss and ignorant of the 10th Amendment. Our Founders wisely protected states from the overreaching tendencies of presidents. I realize Biden was not a good student and barely made it out of law school but really, shouldn’t he know some basics? He does know, though, he just doesn’t plan to abide by the constitution when it doesn’t suit his purposes. It’s like rent moratoriums. He knows his extension wasn’t constitutional, he just did it anyway. It is the same with his BFF Barack who did that with DACA.

Though Biden’s “get out of the way” remark was likely mostly aimed toward DeSantis, Abbott took a shot at him. He’s on it.

Both the president and the vice-president provided a perfect day of mixed messaging. The hypocrisy is apparent in their liberal ideology. A person’s body is their own when it suits Democrats but when it doesn’t then personal choice goes out the window. Unless big unions object, then their members are exempted from mandates all the other people have to abide by.

The Babylon Bee sums it up nicely.

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