Chorus of one: Matthew Dowd says Biden has done an "extremely good job" on Afghanistan

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This is a story that just defies logic. Well, unless you are a NeverTrumper desperate to be relevant during the Biden administration, anyway. Former Bushie Matthew Dowd went on CNN and publicly humiliated himself by saying that Bumbling Biden is doing an “extremely good job” in Afghanistan and he deserves to be congratulated for it. This begs the question, what does a bad job in Afghanistan look like, Matthew?


A bad job in Afghanistan looks like what is actually happening right now. To say otherwise is to live in a land of roaming unicorns and rain showers of sparkling glitter. We’ve become accustomed to this from Joe Biden himself, as he feebly attempts to gaslight Americans and the world that he is able to fulfill his role as Commander-in-Chief. Unfortunately for the world, and specifically for Americans and Afghan helpers stuck in Kabul (or other parts of Afghanistan), Joe Biden has decided that there should be no American presence in Afghanistan after August 31. He’s signed the death certificates for our Afghan helpers and created a situation ripe for hostage-taking of Americans.

Matthew Dowd is a former Bush-Cheney strategist. He began his career in politics as a Democrat and switched to the Republican Party in 1999. He worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election. He soured on Bush after the Iraq war began and over events like Bush’s handling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He went on to later work as a strategist for Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 2006 campaign. When Clinton confident Sidney Blumenthal calls you an opportunist in Salon, you know you may be misguided. Blumenthal did that back in 2007. Anyway, Dowd then became a talking head on political shows, particularly during the Trump years. He was hired by ABC News as a political analyst, though he is no longer employed by ABC News. He told CNN’s Kate Bolduan that Biden was dealt a horrible situation.


Never mind the plunging poll numbers, Dowd says Biden’s doing great.

Dowd began by dismissing the dramatic plunge in the polls Biden has had in recent weeks, insisting the “small drift” in his approval numbers are actually tied to the coronavirus pandemic with American voters who “disapprove of the situation” and are taking it out on the president.

But when pressed on whether Biden is “making the right bet” with the withdrawal despite the chaos that has erupted, Dowd reiterated his support for the president “from the very beginning.”

“He was dealt a horrible situation and as of today, he has done an extremely good job in this situation,” Dowd told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. “There were many people over the last seven days that said there’s no possible way he could get 50,000 people out… he’s gotten out 70,000 people in the last eight days.”

“I actually think the president, for what he was dealt and for what he has done over the last week, should be congratulated on the way this was done,” Dowd added. “And he’s the first president in four presidents to actually get done what the American people wanted to get done in Afghanistan, which was to get out.”

That’s some top-notch gaslighting right there. By whom was Biden “dealt a horrible situation”? Trump? The Taliban? If Biden wasn’t in agreement with the work Trump began, like his negotiations with the Taliban, fine, talk about that. But Biden continued on with Trump’s plan when he could have scrapped it and put in place his own plan. The Taliban didn’t keep their word to the Trump administration (shocker, I know) and therefore the agreement was no longer in effect. Instead of scrapping it, Biden picked it up and carried on. Whose fault is that?


My colleague at MRC/Newsbusters has a clip of his interview on CNN. Note that Kate Bolduan goes along with Dowd’s silliness and nods in agreement. Consider it your daily reminder that CNN isn’t a news channel, it’s a mouthpiece for the DNC.

According to the lefty publication Texas Monthly, Dowd has pledged to help Democrats win in 2022 and may even run for office himself in Texas. He won’t but it sounds like he’s sincere in his political derangement, right? He owns a home in Texas.

This summer, in tweets and cable interviews, the Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat has excoriated Governor Greg Abbott for a response to COVID-19 that has cost Texans lives. In a June appearance on MSNBC, Dowd said that democracy is in peril and “the only fix to this is Republicans have to lose, and lose badly, in a series of elections, and I’m willing to do whatever I can, on any day I can, to make sure that happens.”

Dowd describes Governor Abbott as “craven”. Ironic, I know. And, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is like the coronavirus or something.


I mean, it’s between him and [Florida governor Ron] DeSantis for who could be the worst governor in America. They’re in a stiff competition. I think Greg Abbott finally came to a conclusion about who the Republican party is in Texas. And he got scared of his own shadow and he was too weak to stand up and say, “That’s not the direction I want to go.” I’ve told friends that in many ways, Dan Patrick’s like the virus, and because of Greg Abbott’s weak constitution, he was completely infected by it and then didn’t do anything to cure it. He just went along with it all and now has taken it to a whole ’nother level.

He doesn’t have the stones to run against Abbott so he may consider running for another office. Or not. Perhaps he’ll run for Lt. Governor Patrick’s job, he tells Texas Monthly.

I am not going to run for governor, though that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t run for something in 2022. But I haven’t made any decision about that. I’m just trying to figure out how best I can help do this and assist the Democrats in any way I can. And I’m going to speak out for sure, and whether or not that includes running for office, we’ll see. But it wouldn’t be for governor.

I think there’s people positioned that would carry that mantle better. And the other thing is, I don’t want to get in a debate in a governor’s race, which would become exceedingly high intensity, about “the former Bush guy,” “the former Republican” running.

TM: That leaves Patrick and Paxton as potential targets.

MD: I don’t want to say any more, but I’m also not a lawyer so you can take it from there.


What a weirdo. I’d laugh at the whole stupid story if it wasn’t so very sad. Dowd’s a legend in his own mind.

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